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Reaching out to those with UCTD - flare in feet

Hi All

I have UCTD. Was diagnosed in 2012. I have been experiencing my first flare in the soles of my feet. Got so bad I could only move about the house on my knees and arms (hands had started to flare too).

My Rheumatologist has increased my Pred to 15mg (I was tapering and had got down to 5mg - boo hoo). I can walk again but the pain and inflammation has moved on to the tops of my feet across all the area near my toes and in my left ankle. They are not worried as flare is in soft tissue not joints. But are sending me for an ultrasound to double check.

Has anyone found any tricks to help them with the pain from flares. Prior to the flare aqua, swimming, tiger balm and acupuncture helped me. But none of these are working at the mo.

So I'd really welcome some suggestions - thanks.

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In the beginning of a flare I haven't found anything works well! Rest and pampering help me to weather a flare up until it comes under control enough for all the other things I do for pain to start working. In the pampering I include the wax baths, watching the birds in the garden, reading, listening to the radio and to music.


Many thanks oldtimer.

I have not tried wax baths, can you recommend any?

Ah yes music certainly gets the Endorphins on the up - I'll need to do more of it!



I bought my wax bath from Amazon... it came with the wax, the bath and plastic covers as well. New wax can be prescribed if you ask nicely, although I'm still reusing mine. I gather some people can even get the bath mechanism from the OT, but not from ours and it wasn't expensive.


Thank you!


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