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How to cope with the pain


I am newly diagnosed. I've had pain for the last 6 months but it was only a month ago that I was properly diagnosed with Sacroiliitis - it also gives me really bad sciatica when I am having a flare up. I have been on gabapentin (for the sciatica) and celecoxib for the ra with cocodomol for if the pain gets really bad. I am hopefully going to move onto either Etanercept or Secukinumab shortly - I am waiting on the NHS to confirm that I can have it and send it out to me.

I am currently mid-flare up and in quite a lot of pain - as in my lower back is swollen and I have really bad sciatica. I have to work (I manage a cafe so I am on my feet which is part of the problem) but unfortunately I cannot get out of it but does anyone have any other pain relief recommendations? I wear a heat patch which helps but not all that much. Rest will help but due to short staffing and because I run it I have to be in - can anyone help with anything else or something I can ask the doctor for?

Thanks so much in advance.

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I can understand that you are not going to have much spare time, but finding some time to exercise in a pool (not swimming but stretching exercises for your back) is something that I find invaluable. A good osteopath who understands RD could help with the sciatica if you can find time to attend one.

Can you have five minutes at intervals to lie down on a mat and stretch out your back - standing and sitting is not going to be helping!

I've also used a Tens machine, but I'm not sure how easy that would be to use moving around.


Hi, I do stretch when I'm not in a flare up but when it's painful it is hard to do - will persevere though thanks for the help 😊


Hi londontash

Gentle, regular exercise is benificial, and if like me, there'll be times when that just feels impossible to do .

Have you tried an anti inflammatory ? Also I find heat really helps .

Maybe it is worth having a chat with your gp re your pain control- co codamol had never been able to lift my pain.

Mtx can be a scary thought, it's a seriously heavy drug but don't be put off as fir those whom it works, it vastly improves quality of life.

Wishing you the best going forward.



Hi London tash I have apain patch on my body which is changed every week , ask your GP .


Thanks I will look into that!


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