Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well.

So a couple of weeks ago I had a serious reaction to methotrexate and my doctor had me stop it and prescribed leflunomide , so to say the least I am pretty scared to start it. Today is my first day of taking it along with my Plaquenil, Mobic and Prednsione. These past few days have been horrible far as pain, it's been bitter cold here. I feel like I'm at my wits end, the pain is getting old, I'm trying to get Christmas ready and planning my twins first birthday on 1/1/17.

Does anyone have any feedback on the Leflunomide?

Thank you and blessings to all ❤️

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  • LEF is great for me at any rate, no side effects and put the RA into remission. Totally pain free no swelling and just back from organising the huge local Christmas Fayre, two years ago I'd have been on my knees sobbing with fatigue and pain. Now all gone, I can only say it might be a bigger risk to take but it can be removed without too much fuss and its all I take as it works well and my RA was caught early. I really believe its much better than MTX but because its more expensive its not the first line of treatment. I have to be treated as have had blood issues related to RA so can't take the risk of more clots..So take with a glass of water not a few sips and forget it.

  • Oh that's so good to hear! I pray I have the same results! How long did it take for you to get into remission?

  • It is worth noting that after about 2 week I was in agony for about a week down to side effects as it builds up.Then one morning after about a month I woke up feeling alive, it then gradually improved more and more until after about 3 months it just seemed that I did not have RA anymore. Stupid as I clearly do and have bimonthly blood tests but thats about it. I even said that I feel so much better its hard to describe, and long may it continue.lol xx.

  • Then temporary pain is actually well known as a side effect , so get a few cold press or hot pads in and a supply of paracetamol but if you do get it try to stick with it its worth it provided that your blood tests are ok.

  • I was offered Lef or mtx injections as I had a severe reaction to mtx tablets. Wondered why they didn't push the lef too hard if it's more expensive

  • Non proprietary (non branded) LEF is cheaper than per MTX injection for a month's course but MTX injections are costed per injection so they work out more per month. Branded LEF (Arava) is much more expensive but still only a little more expensive than 4 (a month's worth) of MTX injections. Hope this makes sense?

  • Firstly, sorry MTX was not for you, it only seems recently you started it so it sounds as though it certainly wasn't for you if you reacted negatively so quickly. I hope you're ok now & feeling better, onward & upwards I guess. I started LEF a month ago & so far so good. I have had a little hair loss but I had that on MTX a long time ago so pretty sure it'll settle the longer I'm on it. My BP was raised at my last drug monitoring bloods (every fortnight for the first 6-8 weeks) & as it's normally bob on that was a bit of a surprise but they're keeping an eye on me so we'll see how it is next week. This is my fourth DMARD (I wasn't on sulfasalazine long) so running out of options & hoping this brings me under control enough to get under the 3.1 & see clinical remission!

    I hope you find it helps, with no repetitions of your MTX experience hopefully.

  • Hello.

    I've just started lef myself (about 2 weeks ago). I feel OK, apart from a bit of a wobble a couple of days ago...upset stomach.

    I tried sulfasalazine first, but it made me worse pain wise, and caused awful mood issues. I think I've been given leflunomide instead of meth as it is less likely to cause mood issues. Im bipolar so have to be careful. So far so good.

    Hopefully it will suit you.

  • Worked really well for me but I lost some hair so took myself off of it and went back to MTX. The only thing I have going for me these days is great hair so vanity ruled. I think everybody is different so give it a good trial. Wish I would have stuck it out to see if the hair loss would have slowed down. A good friend of mine is on her second completed year of Leflunamide after failing with a host of other meds for psoriatic arthritis and she didn't experience a single side effect and feels great. Best of luck. It feels like a moving target when you go off one med and start another.

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