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Has anyone experienced Glaucoma or autoimmune liver diseases/liver problems with RA medications?

Hello Everyone,

I have been living with Rheumatoid Arthritis for 15 years. I have been on countless mediations to try to combat the problem. When I was first diagnosed, my Rheumatologist put me on Methotrexate and Prednisone (on and off when it flared). The Methtrexate stopped working and we started biologics. I have been on Humira, Enbrel, Oriencia, Remiciade and have had to discontinue use due to a variety of reasons. About a year into the biologics my liver enzymes started rising and they have not been normal for about 2 years. My gastroenterologist performed a liver biopsy and believes that all my symptoms are pointing to an autoimmune liver disease. Within this time span I also found out that I have Glaucoma, the optometrist thinks it is due to the prednisone. I am supposed to start on Simponi once my liver enzymes go down. Has anyone experienced Glaucoma or autoimmune liver diseases or liver problems with RA medications? If so, how are you treating it?

I’m feeling overwhelmed and anxious not quite sure where to turn. Looking for advice or feedback.

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Hi Elizabeth. Yes I have glaucoma, have for a good many years, in some part by steroids, have been on them for 31 years. However my sister has it, as did a maternal aunt. So in my case it's hereditary too. I originally had laser treatment as narrow angle glaucoma, this worked for a couple of years, took another couple of years to get the pressure down with the right drops. I am on Bimatoprost 300micrograms/ml Timolol /5 mg/ ml. Eye drops, a long name for a tiny bottle ! been on the, for a long time and go for a check up once a year now. Wouldn't really know I have, it but for the nightly drops. Hope this helps. Funnily enough my sister was changed to these drops a couple of years ago, and they work for her. Think they give you the cheapest first and work up. Don't worry to much as caught early can be controlled. X


Have sent you a pm X Virge


Hi, yes I have had RD for over 15 years and also developed glaucoma a couple of years ago, however it is also in my family too, so who knows I may have got it anyway, whether or not I have RD. I also have diabetes, also in my family. I too am on methetrexate and biologics, enbrel, humira, toxilumab, rituximab and now abatacept. We dont really know what side affects some of these drugs have.


Yes I have developed glaucoma , I am told because of steroids. My Mother had it also and also on steroids but she developed it before the steroids. I had the laser surgery but that wasn't enough, so had drops. A week or two ago my pressures rose again and I went to A and E and I have another drop added.


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