I was reading a while ago somebody on here was using Pernaton Gel. I decided to give it a try and am so pleased I did. Been really struggling with this bitter cold weather and forgot I had a tube of this in the cupboard. The knuckles on my left hand and my right knee being the worse. I have used the gel a couple of times and Cannot believe the relief it has given me. I know it is not a cure, but working far better than Tramadol or Cocodamol.

Would just like to thank the person who recommended this, sorry I have forgotten your name. You have let me have a good nights sleep last night xxxl


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  • The chemist suggested this to me however it had no effect for me at all !! Its strange what works for one person makes no difference for someone else. Im glad you found a treatment that works 😀

  • Sorry it didn't work for you WV, it's true what you say though, what works for one doesn't work for another. Hope you find something that does xx

  • I use Pernaton gel. Jora recommended it & it's really helped ease the pain of my OA affected joints particularly, nearly finished my second 250ml tube. I'm pleased it's helped you too! A tip.... once you can't squeeze out anymore cut off the top half of the tube & you'll find there's lots left. I use a bag clip to fasten the cut end to keep it fresh.

  • Thanks NMH that's a good tip, nearly at the end of the tube now. TBH I think it was on one of your posts that I first saw it mentioned. Was a bit sceptical at first, but think it's great now, waiting for a delivery of some more, wouldn't be without it. Xxx 👍👍

  • You'll be surprised how much is left! I know what you mean Pip, sometimes this type of product's spiel offers the world but I trust Jo's recommendations so gave it a go & it worked. It may not work for everyone & I'm not sure it works on RD affected joints quite so well but it eases my top mid-foot pain & that's definitely not OA so who knows!! It's excellent for my Heberden's nodes though so I keep a little pot in my handbag too. Amazon has been cheapest for the bigger 250ml I've found. x

  • Yes I get mine from Amazon. My right hand is completely useless due to RD but don't have pain anymore thank goodness. Now my left hand has started and has me really worried as I rely on it so much. The pain was across my knuckles and down my index finger, thankfully (touch wood) the pain has stopped since using the pernaton, tramadol and cocodamol wasn't touching it. It was keeping me awake at night, but at least now I can sleep. Thanks so much NMH for mentioning it in your post xxx

  • No probs, glad to oblige! I'm sorry to hear about your hand, can nothing be done? I hope you've made your Rheumy aware of how much you rely on your left hand, even if he can suggest exercises to help. The trouble is the more you use that hand, as you're having to do, the greater the likelihood you could have problems earlier than if you were able to use both. I hope he can help you. The Pernaton might help with the pain but really you need a longer term solution don't you. Take care. x

  • Thanks NMH. Saw my Rhuemy in October and she said RD was in remission. Just think my body didn't hear her. Just putting it down to the weather, it's not been too bad since using the Pernaton, so just hoping it all settles down again. Many thanks once again xx

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