For those of you that have been following my recent posts you may remember that I had an appointment yesterday with my rheamy nurse & about my bad knee.

The nurse I was seen by was really lovely and says my knee pain isn't to do with the RA but its a mechanical problem (wear & tear). Luckily I had an appointment with GP this morning who has referred me for a scan of knee. Until the course of my knee pain is found my GP wants me to stay off work so I have a sick note for a month.

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  • I'm glad they are keeping an eye on you. Good luck with the scan.

  • Hi crashdoll


  • Good luck. I am in a similar situation. My physio thinks mine is OA in the knee. Does it feel like it clicks then gives a sharp pain. Also swelling with pain on resting and during the night.

    Hope you get your scan soon. Have a good rest and don't worry about work. I was also given a note for 4 weeks to start with he said yesterday.

  • Hi moomie

    Sorry to hear your in a similar position. The pain is just like a bad achey pain & its there all the time, every so often I get a sharp twinge pain in the knee just by sitting with my feet up. I don't have any swelling on the knee.

  • That s not very nice for you. Hope you get the scans and treatment sooner rather than later.

    Take care

  • Thankyou, you look after yourself too xx

  • It all gets confused and mixed up doesn't it Cat?

  • Hi CaerylUSA

    Yep sure does

  • how lovely to get the support you need and deserve

  • Hi Peecue

    Thankyou, I have more support from GP,family & a very close friend of mine but don't seem to be getting the support from work as received a letter from work wanting me to sign a piece of paper so they can get a medical report from GP. Not a chance of me doing that as my GP won't be able to tell them anymore than what I've told them.

  • Sometmes the Occupational Health people wnt to make decisions about your abiliy to work. I unfortunately became ill then to top it all ha more problems that ended up with me having blood clot on my lung with the redult I wasn't allowed t go back to wo wo they retired me through ill health. They worked I out that I had sufficient time to get my pension and I was able to leave work. It's not altogether desirabl but meant that I had had sum of money supporting me

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