For those who want to learn more about LDN

" LDN Radio Station"

" Listen to Prescribers, Researchers, Pharmacists from around the world".

" This is your chance to call and ask questions"

" The LDN Radio Show is free".


" The first show will be on wednesday 30th November at 9pm London time UK, 4pm Est time in the US."

" Access only available when the LDN Radio Show is on Air"

" The show will be reccorded and will be available online for you".

Local Rate Call

UK +441902504872

USA 321-997-5088

More information:

4 Replies

  • Remember the LDN Radio show starts tonight! More info

  • Tune in on at 9pm UK time😊

  • I just saw this post. I find LDN quite interesting to read about. Thanks for posting!!!

    1pm western USA/ Canada.

  • For those who interested it is again LDN radio interview time. This time Dr. Cowan tells about his experiences with treating his patients with LDN. Tune in at 9pm UK time.

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