New guinea pigs!

We've just bought a couple of baby guinea pigs for the kids' birthdays and I have to say they're the cutest things ever! However I am finding it harder work than I thought I would looking after them. Must've just adapted how i carry out jobs in the house to avoid kneeling down on the ground (and also don't clean as often as I used to). Finding it quite hard going on my knees. They were so cute and cuddly in the shop but now they're home and becoming more comfortable with us, they're squirmy little buggers! So finding myself crawling on the floor quite a lot when playing with them/cleaning the cage etc. Still, wouldn't change them for the world.

The one really good thing about them though has been the fact that they have given me a new focus. Rather than my search history being full of websites on inflammatory arthritis and drugs,it's now full of "How to look after a guinea pig" websites!!!

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  • Your post made me smile. I too find myself googling "inflamatory arthritis" & meds....maybe I shall buy a guinea pig :)

  • I would love a pussycat but hubby says he has too much to do looking after me without adding a cat,but i feel it would do me no end of good,but he does have a point sadly and i won't put any more on him as he does so much for me as it is,god bless him.xxxxx

  • A cat would've been our first choice (me and kids) but my husband doesn't like cats. He's never wanted pets so when he turned around a few weeks ago and said we could get a pet, we all ran out to the pet shop and got everything organised before he could change his mind!! We've now put the cage up on a table so I can sit on a stool next to them rather than on the floor. My kids are older now and they've been told that they have to take responsibility for looking after them. I'll help them of course but hopefully they'll do the lions share. A cat is far more independent and less work!

  • Can you not rehome a cat sylvi, I'm sure an adult cat wouldn't be to much work would it. I'm not a cat person but they always seem to me to be pretty independent 🐱

  • Had you thought of a cat and several guinea pigs? Then he probably wouldnt need to worry about entertaining or feeding the cat. x

  • VERY nice - I love the furry ones!

  • I decided to rehome a rescue cat this summer. Hoped it would be company for hubby while I'm at work. And is he!! I bought home this skinny tomcat with manky eyes and greasy fur. He's now plumper and in pretty good condition. Love him to bits and he makes me smile even on the bad days. They never go away 😞. I would recommend anyone keeping a pet 😊

  • Ah good on you, esp for getting two as guinea pigs are social animals. I used to have rabbits and guineas. The guineas were far harder to look after as they would pee and poo everywhere! At least you can litter train rabbits to an extent. The Guinea Pig Forum is a good site for info.

  • Hi Mhairi54

    Animals are so therapeutic, I think the positives far outweigh the negative aspects. As you say it really changed your focus and forces you to look outside of yourself. I love Guinea pigs , I kept them for years. So entertaining and non aggressive, you'll have years of pleasure from them I'm sure 😊

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