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For Nettienet. *Off topic*.

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I bought these a while ago and love them very much. The leather is quite thick and stiff. I haven't worn them yet this year as the weather was too warm but have just tried them out with my orthotics and I'm devastated. They pinch across the instep and cruelly squeeze my ankles now. Already a size bigger than I normally take so they'll have to go on ebay and I could cry.

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No! They look too lovely. Have you thought of taking them to the Podiatrist and getting them stretched? I did that with my golf shoes, it worked very well :)

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Good thinking. I'll give it a go x

My granddaughter had a patterned pair of doc martins that were unwearable, and she has a healthy pair of feet. I suspect it might be to do with a stiffer leather needed to apply the pattern as the plain leather ones seem to be better, but still not comfortable enough for RA feet IMO.

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Gnarli in reply to wishbone

She has good taste. They can be quite unforgiving even when plain tho'

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Makes sense I suppose...if they were soft leather they wouldn't be much use if you got in a spot of bovver and wanted to give someone a good kickin'.

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Gnarli in reply to wishbone

Ssshhh. I gave that up a while ago

Fabulous boots . Sorry you can't get them on but maybe you will . Hateful condition takes the joy out of so much I have a pair of shoes I'll never wear again under my bed I won't get rid of because I just so love them 🌼

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Get rid of them! I did, with many tears, but it has helped not having the reminders around. And also allowed me to splash out on other footwear in compensation. I took a photo of my (rather large) collection of unsuitable shoes, and then took them off to a charity shop. Hard, but I did feel better after.

Aw Jan, commiserations, had to get rid of my lovely lace up DMs too: just too bloody heavy for my feet now, have kep a pair of their zip up ankle boots inn red but fear they’re going the same way 😢 my kids both say Vans trainers are most comfortable they’ve ever worn & they do lovely leather lace up ones with knitted top: sk8 mte marshmallow ( bit pricey & don’t look as funky as docs but hey ho) xxx

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Commiserations back x

My local shoe mender stretches shoe and wasn’t expensive, might be worth a go as they are fab !

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A bit of late-life rebellion!

Oh Gnarli, they are lovely, so commiserations. I can no longer wear anything woman's, only men's. Apart from an eight year old pair of Hotter lace up ankle boots. My last purchase a pair of size 9's men's Sketchers !! Being 5'3 with thin legs, I look like Olive Ole. Lol. X

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Skechers are great. I have a pair of chukka boots that fit like a glove with their memory foam inners. Also very lightweight and the leather uppers are soft and supple. Best footwear I've ever had. I wear size 10 men's boots, which look ok I guess probably because I am a man. :-)

Thank you. Reading your experience has made me feel ashamed as I can still wear reasonably feminine shoes after all. Although laces are a no no. I'll bet you look amazing and really rock your Sketchers. Hugs

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I try ! Not to bad till you get to the feet!!!! At least they are a trendy grey.😂

Oh no! They are so cool!

I'd like them in shoes. I suspect the stiff high back would set of my achilles. But aren't they marvelous!

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I think they're brilliant. I've never worn out a pair of the sandals but my daughter, who does loads more walking than me, has just said that her three year old pair need replacing so, cost per wear, they're quite economical

I love love them .do they do them in a 3

My ankles are sore my feet are worse .so boots are a must .but i love them.xxkathyxx

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Gnarli in reply to keeta

Looking at the website some boots come in a three but others start at three and a half. Maybe worth a look but, of course, other brands are available

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Thanks lovely .the 3.1/2would prob be fine as i have to have an insole as my feet are soooo sore.will be looking.thanks love xxkathyxx

Damn, them some fine kicks!

Alas, I have many feet troubles so I stick to Puma suede mostly. Hope you can stretch your DM and get to wear them.

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Gnarli in reply to Hobbits

Yeah! Thanks. They made me feel so good. Old but not boring

'old but not boring' might get that written on a t-shirt!

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Sounds good to me. I take a medium x

They are fab! I love boots!! My favourite ones are dark pink abd purple suede kickers. They are quite wide at the toe and the suede is soft, by far my most comfortable pair!!

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Gnarli in reply to Zip1

Oooh they sound gorgeous

You could try some shoe stretchers ? They are leather so will give. Its sooooo disappointing when you can get shoes on - I am a shoeaholic ! Hope you manage to get them sorted. :-)

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Thank you. I reckon they'll probably end up for sale to give joy to someone else. I'll buy a handbag with the profits, you never find one that doesn't fit

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Very true !

What a crying shame, they are gorgeous ☹☹☹☹. X

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Gnarli in reply to Smiler53

Thank you for your kind concern. I keep telling myself they are only boots and so save the fretting for something that matters. I nearly believe myself

Oooo shoooes I'm a woman who loved my 3" heels 👠 and found it hard to admit to myself that my feet were hurting in odd places, Ten yr on I only recently gave my lovely heeled shoes, boots and sandals to charity it was killing me 😩😪. I hate the shoes I wear but the comfort is aaaaaw fantastic, I do find some quite bearable and fashionable. For anyone 50+ like me and still love fashion it's hard. I would like to give those of U looking for comfort the names of shoes I look for. Heavenly feet, Cushion walk and Pavers, some of the shoes are 🤢 but some are nice depending on individual taste. I hope this info is helpful to some readers.

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Gnarli in reply to Doglovers

Yup. Our nasty condition hits us in so many ways and I always was vain. I've also bought some Pavers Mary janes which are printed with flowers. Wide and deep enough to take the orthotics and quirky enough to make me happy. By the way I'm nearly 65 and have absolutely no intention of growing up

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Doglovers in reply to Gnarli

Yes that's the shoes, the comfort is great but do have to say I love the flowers. They can be so expensive but don't necessarily last a long time. I wait for Sale time n hope the shoes I like are reduced. JD Williams is where Izvestia mostly bought my foot wear, I can wear heels as long as it's a wedge and no more than 2". But there's no such as old age when it comes to fashion, people only look odd if they are not fashionable now 🤣

Wow!! Gnarli I love these boots 💖😁🤗x

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Gnarli in reply to janny55

Why thank you. I called them my later life crisis boots to show I'm still a bit of a rebel

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janny55 in reply to Gnarli

Ha ha ha I love your thinking 🤣👍xx

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