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Feeling positive


Well today I was sitting in the day surgery unit waiting for hubby to get the all clear to come home (he had an infection 3 weeks ago and they wanted to be sure he was peeing okay) and my mobile rang. It was physio at the same hospital. They had a cancellation for this afternoon, so I took it.

I was seen by a physio that specialises in pain. I felt listened to, he examined my hands and feet. Also looked at my shoulders. I came away with some exercises for hands, feet and shoulder. A follow-up in two weeks, when he will look more to the sleep and mood problems of pain. And then he suggests hydrotherapy.

It has made me positive today. I feel that someone does listen.

He also suggests that my GP contacts the community occupational therapy for home assistance.

So after sleeping tablet tonight, I will make GP appointment tomorrow. Also contact my union rep.

With positive thoughts for the first time in ages.


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Lovely to hear such a positive post. Hope your husband is ok now. What a time you've had of it!

|What good news for a change,well done to you.xxxx

Good news, and hope OH has been given the all clear too. Physio and the exercises they gave me have been brilliant for me and made a huge difference - eventually, like everything with this disease it takes time. I have put down a rug on our landing, and made a space to do my exercises and try to be very disciplined about doing them. Sometimes it's hard as you have no energy or feel too achy, but it does always seem to help. So go for it!

I found hydrotherapy enormously helpful. It enabled me to improve my muscle strength so that I could get in and out of the ordinary swimming pool nearby and attend the aquafit classes there after I had finished the hydrotherapy.

When I first started in the hydrotherapy pool I needed help up and down the steps, couldn't even push down on the woggle with two hands, let alone one. Now I can get down the steps into the pool and push the woggle under the water with one hand. Whoopee!


Awesome outcome to a pretty lucky day there!

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