Typical I have come down with labryinthitis, on top of all the illnesses I already have feeling like complete rubbish! To put it politely , I'm on tablets to stop me from feeling dizzy and along with it I have the worst sore throat and cough! Feeling rotten if I'm honest I would say I just wanna feel myself again but I never do with everything that I have. 😩😭

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  • I had this about 3 years ago, i was taught an exercise and within hours i felt great, well better than i was. If you want to message me i will try to explain it lol but it really does work. Or you can ask your go to reffer you to s Physio and they can teach you. I hated it i was falling up stairs, lol and down again lol and that's what drove me to madness lol.

  • Hi LauraAsheighh

    I had a couple of attacks over this a few years ago.

    It was really quite scary and came on very quickly.I wax so sick with it.

    The first timecI was given a strong dose of stemetil by injection and it helped,a few weeks later it happened again and I was given stemetil tablets.I felt a bit woozy for a few days but it cleared up relatively quickly.Not a nice thing to have.

    Take care hope you are better soon.




  • I agree with Philip...get a referral ASAP to a physio who will teach you the Epley Manoeuvre....but it's no good just doing the exercise until a doctor or a physio has diagnosed which side the Labrythitis is affecting.

    Do it on the wrong side & you will feel ten times worse.

    Google Epley manoeuvre will explain how it works.

    I first had Labrynthitis about 20 years ago & have had it a couple of times since & using the Epley sorts it very quickly.

    Good luck...get that diagnosis!


  • You poor port thing. I keep getting labyrinthitis and it can be absolutely horrible. I hope you've got some stemitil (prochloperazine) , it's brilliant stuff!

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