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Hip replacement advice?


I'm new here and haven't quite figured out how to search for relevant info. Have just had hip replacement last week after 30 years of JIA. Every hip replacement story I come across seems to have a positive outcome but a week into this im regretting it and having a tough time. My main worries are a clunking feeling in the new hip and feeling very stiff and seized up so I'm walking on crutches with my bottom sticking out and feels strange to try to straighten up. Is the clunking a sign of doing too much / too little? (Seems to lessen with rest) and should I be forcing myself to walk upright or just go with more comfortable scrunched up walking and worry about straightening up in future once healed up better? Any advice would really be appreciated. I'm also terrified of dislocation however rare it is.

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You need to ask yourself what did the surgeon say and do and if they didn't contact them and ask them why you have a clunking in your hip. I know its only been a week since your surgery so it is still early days,but if in doubt ring the durgeon darling. xxxxxx

The first wee is difficult, I had physio at about day 10 they were reassuring and checked things out and gave advice if what exercises to do. If you gave not git physio could you rungbthe ward for advice?

My second THR has a "squeak" - that's what the surgeons call it, but I'd say it was a clunking sound. Surgeon gave no real explanation why it does it, but the advice I had at the time was exercise is good. BTW I was dx Stills Disease/JIA in 1971, first THR 2008, second 2009, third 2010.

Thank you everyone. I am doing the physio 4 x a day as instructed. When I first felt the clunking on day 4 I phoned the ward doctor and he said rest more which does reduce amount of clunking but I am keen to get strong again so want to get rest/movement ratio right. I've just turned 40 so they consider me on the young side for this. But have just been feeling so alone since leaving hospital. So glad to have found this forum. Thank you again for the replies. X


I have had 2 hips replaced, I was a bit nervous and tense when I had my right hip replaced, but felt more confident when I had my left hip replaced a few months ago.

Both hips were different, my first I was cut across the rear, with staple clips. Which were very uncomfortable, and painful.

My second hip I had a side cut and dissolvable stitches were used, the scar is far more prominent and tender, although it has healed nicely.

So two quite different experiences.

Everyone has a different experience, but I would contact the hospital ward where you had the opp, they can be very helpful, or contact your GP, and also your occupational therapist can offer advise, so don't leave it, get it checked, at least it will put your mind at rest, as bending continually could trigger problems in the long run.

Take care, I hope you get help and advice soon

Best Wishes Sandy

RebeccaMB in reply to frog

Thanks Sandy.

Hoping it gets better for you soon take physios advice x

RebeccaMB in reply to summer32

Thank you.

Hi Rebecca!

I have had both hips replaced! The right on has dislocated 4 times and the doctor finally put in a locking device which also dislocated! This last surgery left me with no feeling in my leg which is called femoral nerve palsy! That was back in June and now I am getting a small amount of feeling in my thigh area! I am walking with a walker and go to PT once a week!

My left hip replacement has been great! That is called my power leg! You will know if it dislocates! It is very painful! It happened out of the blue but when it does happen it is the most painful thing I have ever experienced!

Good luck with your recovery!

RebeccaMB in reply to maidar

Thank you. That's not want I wanted to hear - sorry to hear about your dislocations. Hope you are doing well now. X

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