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We came back from Cornwall on a 10 hour ferry trip. There was a swell and I felt sick the whole time! I never felt sick before the RA. Thank goodness we had a cabin. The RA flare had settled a bit but we got home to a freezing house at the start of the recent big storm . I put some warm socks on which caused me to slip down the stairs jarring my back, knees and neck. This morning I can't move ! I hate the winter. Sorry rant over. I have so much to do this week just get up and get on with it.

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  • Ouch!! What an aweful way to start the week!! The week just has to get better for you.

  • Oh darling your so not alone in hating the winter,the short dark days do me in as well. I am sorry you have hurt yourself by falling down the stairs,i slipped down three stairs and done my knee in just before my silver wedding anniversary and have had problems ever since. If you have a bath run a bath as hot as you can darling with some epsoms salts and lavender oil and have a good soak and hopefuly it will ease your back. Hugs from me.xxxxx

  • Thanks Sylvi a hot bath is a very good idea. x

  • Hi hope you feel better soon as Sylvi says a nice hot bath will probably help and it's an easy thing to do slipping on the stairs as I've done it myself, I remember a couple off years ago when I just started out with this disease I woke up during the night thinking I heard something down stairs so I leant over the balcony to have a look and went right over and landed on the bottom stairs on my hip, I don't know to this day how I never broke anything but I had an almighty bruise from my hip down to my knee , looking back it was a stupid thing to do as I was unsteady on my feet and should've known better xxx

  • Going over the balcony! That is serious. Be careful out there!

  • Oh No! That is scary, and painful. Rest and I hope you are feeling better soon

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