A funny thing.......not

It's a funny thing. I have a diagnosis of RA and AS. Due to the AS, the bones in the bottom of my spine have fused and now my neck. However, even though Ive had both hips replaced, both knees replaced, surgery on feet etc - all my joints have been affected to one degree or the other - my back has never been a bother. Until Friday night, that is. I was picking up my daughters lego and felt a spasm I guess at the bottom of my back.

I've barely slept since then and walking or getting up from chair etc, is so Painful it takes my breath away! I am on lots of stuff but also tramadol 50 mg 8 times a day as well as paracetamol and arcoxia so wondering if I just have to bear the pain in the hope that it goes because given that I take the highest dose of tramadol, the gp probably won't be able to help?

Any suggestions - dreading going to bed and laying down!


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  • I had a really bad spasm in my lower back on Boxing Day, and was in so much pain, I couldn't move and ended up being taken by ambulance to A&E (mortified!!). I was given Diazepam which really helped. Maybe you could ask your GP for that? Also heat pads. And keep moving! I know your instincts will be telling you to sit and not move due to the pain, but it's really important you keep active, even if it's just pottering around the house. Maybe swimming? I've just started a course of hydrotherapy with the physio that I see which is really helping. A painful back is awful, hoping it gets better soon.

  • Sorry meant to say I also took oral morphine (Oromorph) but not sure of you can take that at the same time as Tramadol. Worth asking though.

  • Thank you mhairi

    Had a terrible night . About to call doctor now and hoping he can see me today. Maybe even a change of pain killer will help - been on tramadol for about 3.5 years.

  • Im on a lot of medication and have now started the injection called benepali for AS are you under the care of a rhumy or spinel consultant i have also had a lot of injections in my back for pain think it may be wise to go see your dr they might want to do a mri to see if there is a lot of inflamation good luck x

  • I am under rhuemy and in enbrel, Mtx, arcoxia and various pain killers. On my way to doctor now,

    Thanks, marie

  • So, seen doctor and prescription for oxycidone and refer to rhuemy to be seen sooner than my next appointment . Here's hoping the oxycodone helps!

  • Did your GP think it had anything to do with your AS? I'm not sure if my spasm was part of my AS or if it was just really bad luck. Or also wondered my inability to exercise whilst I was unwell affected my core stability leaving my spine vulnerable to injury. Interested to know what your GP's thoughts are.

  • Hi mhairi

    Yes he said it's due to AS and because it's fused at bottom of spine. He referred me back to rhuemy consultant ; wasn't due to go for another 8 weeks or so) as thinks something up with ribs too.

    It's a bugger!

  • In a way I guess I've been lucky in that I was diagnosed very early on in my disease, so no MRI showed no bony changes in my spine. So that doesn't explain my spasm. Consultant also wondered if it had been a radiculopathy (compression of the nerves as they exit the spinal column). I also had Costochondritis (inflammation of the cartilage in the rib cage) and it's blimmin' painful!! I'm on Benepali and it's made a massive difference. Also take Arcoxia. Glad they've recommended bringing your rheumy appt forward. Hope your back is better soon.

  • Thanks mhairi .

    I think that's what he may be worried about re my ribs. They are sore to the touch on my right hand side - I just won't touch them!

    I was only diagnosed 2.5

    Years ago. All came really out of the blue and it has done so much damage to my body in a hugely short speaks of time. Now going on to my 3rd biologic ? Weekly injections) and they've upped the methotrexate up to 25 mg, but unfortunately nothing seems to be getting it under control. Och well, I live in hope.

    Thank you for your response


  • Ahhh Marie - I'm, sorry... I would suggest you get to the doc as quickly as you can... That sucks for sure, but no need to be in more pain then necessary...

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