A Fawlty Towers Moment!!

Not been feeling great after walking miles and miles with my collie 2 days ago! Anyhoo, having a collie means I have to take him out regardless of how crappy I feel. So just headed off with dawg to the fields. Heavy rain has turned them into mud drenched slop bogs!

Of course within seconds I was flat on my backI HATE mud! After a few choice words I managed to haul myself up, swore at the dog( who grinned and wagged his tail), and stomped off.

A few yards later and I was on my back again!! I saw red! Screamed expletives like a crazy person, got up and bashed the sap out of a bramble bush with my hiking stick.

Got home, climbed into the shower with all my clothes on (washer broke!) and swore some more.

I'm quite tired now!

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  • Bet you feel a lot better after all the expletives though NettieC !

    Sorry I shouldn't laugh but it was funny,and it sounds like the dawg enjoyed the entertainment too.

    Good on you for making the effort to go out with him even feeling as bad as you do on occasions.

    I also think Basil Fawlty would be very proud of your performance --- lol,

    Hope you don't start to ache tomorrow after your fall today - it always seems to be the next day it takes it toll.

    Fingers crossed for you.

    Take care.



  • Thanks for post.. I looked like a scowling, wild bog lady walking home. I'm always falling over, and I don't even drink!

  • Aw I am sorry you ended up,in a mess ,but yes I have pictured the scene in my mind now and it's there to stay.-- lol

    Take care hope you are ok.



  • Hehe. I'm fine (apart from a bruised ego) to be fair, that particular bruise has never had the chance to heal!

    I'm thinking about getting a ack of dogs and a sleigh...mush mush. Mind you I'll probably fall off that. I reckon I'm the only person who can actually fall off a three wheeled bike. Oh yes I did! Right outside a crowded pub garden.

  • Pack not ack!

  • Oh no there's always someone around to see the unfortunate incident isn't there?

    I have had countless mishaps myself with a large bunch of witnesses in attendance.

    Can share your bruised ego - you are not alone.



  • Well done you!

  • Sometimes it's good to let it all out like that, let your emotions escape.

    I've had similar experiences with mud - my balance is rubbish.

    My gorgeous little cocker spaniel is absolutely the best medicine for my RA.

    Keep smiling 😀

  • Sounds like you had quite a day!!! Sometime you just have to laugh when things go wrong :)

  • I confess that I unashamedly laughed out loud at your mishap until I got to the broken washer part and then my heart ached for you... you've got to get that fixed asap especially as it's getting colder and wetter out there!

    Take care (or wear Michelin man style clothes for protection)


  • Sorry I had to laugh, what a walk that was eh!

    I know that feeling well, although it's my Goldie who has a habit of tripping me over, we both end up muddy and needing a bath this time of year x

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