Taking MTX with a cold

Hi everyone, just a quick question. Sure other folk will have asked this but can't find the search button using the phone (having a duh sort of day :-))

It's MTX injection day but woke up with a thickly cough/sore throat. Think it's just a cold, my hubby has the same and kindly passed it onto me :)

Is it OK to take it with a cold, or should I wait for a few days and see if it gets any worse.

Could ring rheumy nurse but sometimes takes a day or two to ring back.

Thanks in advance! xx

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  • Check first,but unless your on antibiotics i believe you can take it. It the antibiotics you can't take mtx with darling.xxxx

  • Thank you Sylvi, am not on antibiotics so should be OK. xxx

  • I continue injecting until the cold goes to my chest as it inevitably does (usually the second week) & then it's antibiotics time. If yours is a normal cold & doesn't migrate then there shouldn't be a problem. As always if you're in doubt ask your Rheumy nurse, even if it takes a few days for her to get back to you but if you're ok now & it was me I'd inject because I would likely not inject the following week once on antibiotics.

    Keep warm, fresh lemon & honey in hot water makes a soothing drink for a raw throat.

  • Hi NMH, have started getting a bit wheezy now and had to use my asthma inhaler, which I've not had to do for a few years as it's usually well-controlled. Have made a GP appt for this afternoon (lucky - last one!) Thought I'd better get it checked out as it seems to have headed chestwards very quickly for a cold.

    Have honey and a squeezy lemon in, so will have a few of those. :-)

    Got my PIP assessment tomorrow too and don't want to cancel it, would rather just get it over with, then I can relax and nurse my cold or whatever it is.

    Thanks for replying xx

  • Then I would do just as you have as you're already wheezy, particularly as you're asthmatic it will be a weak spot & more likely to settle on your chest. If we've a history of respiratory problems we've to be more careful it doesn't turn into something nasty even with something as common as a cold.

    All the best for tomorrow, let us know how it goes. x

  • Thanks, will do ;-)

  • You probably have the cold that is going around. It goes to the chest mainly. I had it, havnt had a cold in two years but this was really bad. I had to take antibiotics, even though not on RA meds. These meds do make it harder for your body to fight the virus so I would really talk to your nurse before taking your med since your cold is just breaking out and is the most virulent.

  • Thanks, not had a cold for ages either, and maybe it feels worse with being on the meds so body can't fight it as quickly as usual. Doc might give me antibiotics. Glad I posted here now before I went ahead with the mtx x

  • I am on 3rd cold since July. Same scenario as NMH. I didn't inject last night because felt so unwell. Got another lot of antibiotics for a week.

    Hope you feel better soon and good luck with your pip assessment.

    Just going to try hot lemon and cinnamon.

  • Thank you. Hope you feel better soon too and the antibiotics get to work soon. Hot lemon and cinnamon sounds just the job x

  • I hope you feel better soon moomie & the second lot of antibiotics sort it. x

  • Thanks NMH.Proper man flu this one lol. Feel really rubbish got to go into work too at 4 pm. Our dept is closing tomorrow and we are moving into the new build..

    Hope you and Hubby avoid the bugs and viruses.

  • That's a shame, when all you want to do is snuggle down. Is it the really colourful children's dept you're moving into?

    We've avoided dreaded lurgies so far thankfully, that'd be all we need! x

  • Pleased you have avoided nasties. Yes new build. Packing up my desk. Moving in on Monday. Although I am on A/L thank goodness.

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