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Hi all. First day back at work yesterday after the week off for half term.

Which wasn't a great success but was a week off.

Arrived at the office to find that the lift wasn't working! And I'm on the second floor. And the ladies' is on the first floor. And the kitchen is on the third floor. (You can see where this is going)

Lift was fixed at home time.

Rubbish night.

So ANOTHER day off work.


Anyway, enough moaning, how is everyone else?

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Good morning darling,you had a rough day at school then,they are not very organised are they when you have the loos on one floor and the kitchen on the other. I would get yourself a kettle and make your own tea at your desk and get yourself a huge bottle of water or get someone else to fill the kettle for you, As to the loo surely they must be in the wrong with taht surely they must have loos on each floor. Complain to HR and tell them that you will end up having to have more time of work due to this problem darling. Hugs.xxxx


Sometimes it does feel as if things are conspiring against us!

Hope that the rest of the week goes better.

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If it's not one thing then it's another. Sometimes it's quite hard to see the funny side of it. Hopefully your luck will improve. All the very best.


Oh no.... They couldn't have made it any less disabled-unfriendly, huh? Glad they got the lift fixed...

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I know it's far from funny but it sounds like a joke. Just think - it can only get better. All the best to you xxxx


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