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Cruise and Rheumy appointment

Hi all hope you are all feeling not too bad.

We went on our cruise to Iceland first week really nice then I caught bronchial pneumonia so spent 4 days in hospital on board !!!! Did it help our relationship truly I don't think so, may need your shovel at some time Syllvi!!

However went to Rheumy app last week yet again saw a different Rheumy registrar who has now put me on Amitriptyline to replace Pregbalin, after reading the instructions etc inside tablet box I see this Amitriptyline is for depression!!!!! I am already on Citalopram for that why give me another can any one shed some light on this please many thanks.

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Hi L, sorry o have been behind on your story as we were away too. I would love to go to Iceland but I can totally understand I would want to be there with someone I was truly devoted too. I'm just guessing st the moment the relationship you are in is difficult.

When I first got RA I got depression and I'm always so grateful for the GP and the Hu helpline who helped me through it.

I think getting ill long term changes lots of your emotions , I felt not the same person, ugly and fat as I put on weight . I was in pain so I was grumpy . The person I loved most and helped me most bore the brunt of it , my hubby.

We both went to a nras meeting and the north east group with Eleanor and joe and Debbie sat with us and chatted and it really really helped.

That's where I got my support and I got through it. I too then got lots of help here too and made many friends.

I had antidepressants gif my mood , they took a good three month to work and I only needed them for about six months so I was lucky .

I also had amytryptalin which even tho it does have a told on depression was found to help joint and ligament pains.

Patience is a huge part of your treatment to get the drugs that suit you . Also support is as this is long term, so for me talk to your family or friends, talk here, phone the Rheumy helpline , phone the HU helpline . You need to be proactive in your own health and treatment and I found that really helped me.

Sorry to prattle on but I thought maybe my experiences might. Strike a chord. Ps leave the shovel get the support!!!! Lol , hugs A. Xx


Hiya Linda. I'm pleased you had a nice first week though I see how the remainder wouldn't help things. Anyway, I hope you're now feeling better, or better than you were? Well, the registrar I saw a week last Friday wanted me to either increase my amitriptyline or start on pregabalin, you see as well as being an anti depressant ami is also helpful as a pain reliever/muscle relaxant though it is prescribed off-label for other than an used as an anti depressant, the reason I'm prescribed it is as a muscle relaxant. I was hesitant to increase it as I already take 50 mg at night & 25 mg in the morning so pregabalin it will be but at least she listened to my reasons why! I've since read that it's advisable not to prescribe the two concurrently so I'll ask about that when I see my GP. Another advantage of ami is it's a good sleeping aid once you reach a therapeutic dose but it takes some fine tuning as to when to take it particularly when you take in an evening, too early & I fall asleep in the chair, too late & I'm groggy in the morning so be prepared! x


This drug helps nerve pain. Husband was on it for neuropathy in feet Good luck


Amitriptyline is often given as a painkiller now, even though it doesn't say anything about that on the information sheet. I have been on it for about 5 years and it usually blocks the pain enough for me to get to sleep. I hope it works for you.

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Amitryptilin is also give for headaches too and muscle relaxant and usually prescribed for that so not just for depression.

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