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I have had trochanteric bursitus for about 2 years. I had steroid injections and physio but still have residual pain which has got really severe the last 2 days. My first worry was that i had an infection but there is no redness and i not a raised temp , but there is tenderness when i touch the hip and thigh and its painful to weight bear. Do you think i have just aggravated the hip or could there be other problems? Should i just rest or go to gp i hate this yo yoing back to the doctor. I would love some advice please 🌸

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  • Best advice i can give you is if in doubt go to the drs to find out and get reassurance from them. If there is something amiss they will look into it for you. Tell them everything you have said on here darling.xxxx

  • Thanks sylvi

    If it doesn't settle i will end up at the doctors but i know that they will just prescribe painkillers which will probably upset my stomach which isnt great at the moment . Its a bit miserable 😩

  • Hi weathervane

    I've had exactly the same problem also for 2 years and when mine was aggravated recently and the pain was so bad I also posted on here for some advice. I did go to my doctor to check also it hadn't burst only to be told it was aggravated. A few kind people on here pointed me in the direction of acupuncture and 5 weeks in I can finally feel a difference with my hips. It hasn't been cheap but so far certainly feels worth it. Xx

  • Hi, I started to have a terrible hip and groin pain in the last 2 months, I acompany my girlfriend for er sciatic pain to a non Surgical Spine Center, ki had some x-rays and discover that my pain was coming from my cervical, lumbar and S1, I started my decompression treatment and laser therapy, I'm in my 3rd treatment and can't believe the results, my pain is diminishing. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks lulu-123

    I dont think this is from spine as i went to consultant 2 years ago and had scan then steroid injections but never fully went away! I am glad the treatment is working for you as the pain can really wear you down, thank you 🙂

  • Hi fridayfever

    Thanks for advise, i have had acupuncture in the past for a back spasm which helped so could be possibility. Were you ever offered surgery as i was googling treatments, i wondering if that would be a success?

  • With regard to acupuncture, practitioners vary. Make sure you pick a good one, ie don't just walk in off the street. I had electro acupuncture on my hands and it was marvelous. It is possible to vary the intensity of the acupuncture by turning the machine up or down and I had it quite high. Also, I did not get any effect for 35 mins, so I would not recommend half hour sessions. I go to a very good shop/clinic in Kingston on Thames which has branches in Croydon, Putney, Sutton and somewhere in the North East.

    However, I recently had a massage and electro acupuncture elsewhere and it was nowhere near as good. The machine was on the lowest notch. It helped minimally but nothing like my regular clinic. You, therefore, need to be careful.

  • Hi weathervane

    Apologies I have only just seen your question it doesn't appear I'm getting any emails or notifications. No never been offered surgery because I would have snatched that offer up. Pleased to say after 7 weeks of treatment where he also used cupping along side acupuncture the pain is a lot better. Pain is bearable and I can at least walk up our high street without starting to limp. I'm going to try at least a mile today so hopefully I won't be awake this evening with that familiar burning pain xx

  • Hi fridayfever

    Its now a couple of weeks post steroid injections in hip. Things have improved but still sore going up stairs in particular. If i am on the flat it's much easier, can walk bit faster and longer though stilll bit of limp. My white cells are low so would be wary about acupuncture at moment and ive never tried cupping . I will keep up the exercises to strengthen muscles and hope for more improvement. I hope you continue to improve as well xx

  • Im going to go to gp first and suss out my opinions for treatment as ive had enough, i have pains in most parts of body that ive learned to live with this but if i can get something done with this pain ill do it - as long as its not anti- inflammatory meds as my stomach is acting up. Im not ruling out acupuncture , i have a physio who i used before. Thanks for advice.

  • Hi! Very interested to read this and the replies you've had. Similar sor of story. RA diagnosed 6 years ago and only been controlled the past 18 months on IV Tocilizumab. Still had dreadful lower back and knee pain (intermittent but for weeks at a a time and then ok for a few weeks) Rheumy said it was Osteo, Ortho said no sign of Osteo! Then one night I was moving around and I suddenly got an excruciating pain in my right hip. Could hardly weight bear. Hobbled around until I could see the GP the following week and she said it was trochanteric bursitis and she'd send a letter to Rheumy. The pain on touch got worse and then one morning I had less pain and a massive bruise covering the side of my hip and and bottom. Obviously something had torn and the pain on touch was a haematoma which had burst. By the time I got to see a consultant it had dispersed so we'll never know to this day. However the bursitis has continued and the ortho guy is now giving me 3 monthly steroid injections which gives me relief for about 4 or 5 weeks before coming back. But what I have recently noticed is that the relief to my knees coincides with my steroid injections to my hip. So for 4 weeks I'm practically pain and stiffness free (other than fasciitis) but then deteriorate. By 3 months I'm counting the days until the next injections, just for my knees! Booked in for acupuncture in a weeks time to see if that helps. Will follow this link for any further tips. Hope you get sorted!

  • At docs in an hour will let you know

  • Gp confirmed bursitis is playing up , suggested i could wait for my rheumy app which will be sometime Before xmas or go private. So I have now have an app tonight with a new ortho doctor as previous one has retired , i really hope he will give me a steroid injection tonight as hip is still very painful . I would be interested to know how the acupuncture goes , i will post how tonight goes later on. Fingers crossed xx

  • Well i have seen consultant may have to wait couple of weeks till i get steroid injection as waiting list. Should see a result 6 weeks after injections if not will repeat , sometimes it takes a set of 3. He could not see on x ray what would cause bursitis no particular hip or spine issues. He also said to keep active in the meantime rather than rest like gp said, mind you im too sore to be doing an awful lot!!! Fingers crossed i will get a cancellation. I dont know if i could risk acupuncture as had rituximab infusions 5 mths ago and could maybe be a riskl???

  • How's it going? feeling any better?

  • The hip is still very painful but just found out im getting steroid injection on Monday so fingers crossed. I have been reading your posts about your eye swelling , you are having a difficult time . Have you gone to the eye casualty to get it checked as there is a chance it may not be connected to your thyroid. We seem to get all kinds of secondary probelms , i have joint pain and swelling , muscle pain and hypothyroidism , along with sjogrens. Please keep us updated about your eyes as it must be very distressing for you xxxx

  • oh I'm glad you are hopefully getting more relief! So it is for sure your old injury flaring up again? I have seen 1 eye dr and she seems to think it's Graves since I already have SS and RA now. She is sending me to another eye Dr. Think he's the expert of the office. I see him in about a week. He will determine what needs to be done if anything. I'm just unsure how to treat it myself while I wait to see the expert. Nobody seems to think it's an emergency so I just needed advice on how often I could expect this swelling and when to be concerned. I'm guessing if loss of vision or have a lot of pain. Right now, it's just irritated. Others don't notice the swelling unless I point it out. Could always be worse I try to think. :)

  • Good luck take it easy till you get it checked out xx

  • good luck on Monday. Let us know how it does. :)

  • Ps ment to say with the severe pain in hip i dont notice pains in hands and feet so much ! Every black cloud has a silver lining- LOL😀

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