Waiting time for delivery of metoject pens

I'm waiting for Alcura to get in touch with me to arrange delivery of my first metoject pens. Spoke to my rheumatology nurse 5 weeks ago to start the new regime and she said it'll take a few weeks to arrange. Stupidly I never asked roughly how long she meant. How long have people waited for it all to be set up? Not looking forward to the experience but need something more and decided against Leflunomide which was my only other choice. It's beautiful here in the sunny Peak District so hope you all have a good day. Linda

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  • Hi- I have been using metoject pens for a few months now. Like you, I was very apprehensive at first but I needn't have worried. I alternative my thighs and have had no problems. I do put a small plaster over the site though when I use them as I go to work straight afterwards.

    Good luck - however I don't feel you'll need it ☺

  • Thanks for your positive comments. Think the answer is to get on with it and not think about it too much.

  • I had to get my first supply of pens (6) from the hospital pharmacy which was a few days after I got the go-ahead to switch to them. Think things might be a bit different here in Wales, not heard of Alcura.

    Hope you get it sorted very soon.


  • Thanks. Think I'm remembering correctly that Alcura are something to do with Boots. Maybe 5 weeks is a long time not to hear anything then

  • Yes, looks like there has been a communication breakdown somewhere along the line. Perhaps start with whoever prescribed it, or the rheumy nurse, to follow it up for you. xx

  • I intend to ring my rheum nurse tomorrow as the change was instigated by my consultant

  • I always request Metoject from my GP Surgery who send the request to either my local village pharmacy, or Boots in a nearby City. However, my local Boots were unable to supply 22.5mg Metoject last week, but my local pharmacy can.

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