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Hi, recently I have been having very bad pain in my left hip, I went to the doctors who suggested x-ray and bloods, it could be one of two things, it could either be bursitis or arthritis, at present I am off work as it has knocked my balance about, I work on a dementia care unit, I am so fed up, the doctor told me to increase my morphine to help lessen the pain (which I haven't done as I could sleep 36hrs out of 24 now). Just wondering if anyone new of any easier ways to help with the hip pain, I don't like being this restricted.

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  • Hi there I have a bursitis in my left hip and the physio told me to keep exercising it at the gym and if it was still giving me problems she would give me an injection in it but so far it's eased off for now

  • Ice packs can easy my hip pain sometimes. I also sometimes use heat on the area. Also voltarol or ibuprofen gel as that is an antinflammatory , though it isn't an instant result and you do seem to have to use it regularly over the area to get decent relief.

  • I've had bursitis in both hips since feb and physios have given up on me because I can't do the exercises. I've been told they will only give me a steroid injection if they can see fluid on an ultrasound. I completely understand how fed up you feel.

    Painkillers just mask the problem and don't tackle the cause. Can you self refer to physio? It has helped me before with tendonitis in my ankles and shoulder pain.

    Hope you get some relief soon xXx

  • Hi Maria

    Hope your results come back soon and that things start to improve. I wonder if you have looked at the ARUK booklet on hip pain, it may throw up some suggestions to help pro tem- arthritisresearchuk.org/art...

    Best wishes


  • Thank you Lorraine, I will definately have a look at the booklet x

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