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Hi every one after my latest infusions unfortunately iv still got no pain relief so my flare as been continuous for a yr except 3weeks pain free due to having arthroscopic surgery on right knee I was referred to physio who then referred me to hydro therapy that took place today it was amazing and felt no pain at all whilst in pool the temp was 34 can't wait until next week for my next session x

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It's great isn't it?

I used to spend as much time as I could in there until I was pink and wrinkly but they did recommend that you didn't exceed the hour.

It makes doing the exercises so much easier and pain free.

Carry on enjoying yourself and get your exercise in.




I had hydtotherapy and it was fabulous unfortunately it was only for 10weeks (a pilot scheme) but it was the best treatment ever. Enjoy it while you can. X

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I had hydrotherapy sessions and it was wonderful, getting my muscles which had wasted and lost power back to a state where I could do things again.

I was amazed often to be the only patient in what was supposed to be a six patient group session in the pool. People didn't turn up! I found that really difficult to understand and wondered if people felt anxious about it for reasons I didn't understand. Perhaps people here could say if they have worries about it so that the physios can know what to say to people.

The physio then recommended me to go to aquafit regularly to keep up the mobility and strength exercises. That has been so helpful as it is often the only exercise that I can do.


I'm with you there Oldtimer, started going to Aqua fit 2 months ago, the benefits in terms of flexibility and 'feel good' factor is immeasurable.


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