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Has anyone here with RA experienced swollen lymph nodes?

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone here with RA has also experienced swollen Lymph glands under the arms. I've been below par health wise since January, with my blood results swinging alternately between very low neutrophils, which mean I have to halt all my meds and then infection at the other end. I'm keen to try and end this cycle, but noticed that I also have had swollen lymph glands for the whole of this time and was wondering if there was any link, and what perhaps can be done so that I start to feel a bit better.

Thank you,


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Have you spoken to your GP regarding this or your Rhumey team, as I would think this should be your first port of call. Having said that sometimes I have had a fizzing sensation at the side of my left breast, I have mentioned to both, and they said to keep an eye on symptoms, but nothing untoward as yet. My GP assured me that it was not signs of cancer, I was relieved.


Hi Aliced, i havent experienced anything like that but i would perhaps suggest you see your GP to get this checked out and maybe he can explain whats happening hun. Especially as you have been so unwell lately. Hope you get some answers and feel better soon . Sorry i was' nt much help. Soft Hugs Lena xx :))


Thank you, I had a mamogram and ultra sound which confirmed that they were swollen lymph glands and not anything breast cancer related, which was a relief. The consultant breast surgeon said that they were related to my RA condition and he is writing to my Rheumy consultant, who I will see in two weeks. I was curious to know if this was something that was common and any other RA sufferers experiences. I'm a bit fed up with feeling ill and having RA. As anyone with RA knows, that alone is quite enough to contend with Anything else can tip you over the edge!


Yes, after a particularly bad flare then a shoulder steroid injection I noticed swollen glands in my groin and armpit area. As I was on enbrel and metho they moved at speed at got me in for scans and confirmed it was partially RA related and hormonal fluctuations causing the breast tissue swell after my steroid. I have noticed since that when I have a flare or get quite run down they re appear and subside once I feel better. I was the same I couldn't cope with the thought of something else, such a worry. It was all three years ago for me and I still feel anxious about the whole worrying time, it took it's toll on me mentally as well as physically. It's quite hard keeping your spirits up when more and more things crop up to keep this disease company! I hope me sharing my experience helps in some way. xx


Thank you for sharing your experience, it really does help. It's a long rocky road we all walk, and knowing that we not always alone in what's happening to us is a comfort in itself. Ax


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