Biologics and MRSA

I need some advice. Yesterday my dad had a stent put in and discovered he has MRSA, this wouldn't normally be a problem for me as I would just stay away until it cleared up, but this is my problem. I am on Methotrexate and Abatacept and this coming Friday my son is getting married and my parents are due to come and stay with me on Wednesday, they are now extremely worried about doing so and are worried it may compromise me in someway, he's been given treatment for it and by Wednesday will be 5 days into it. They live 4 hours away so need to stay with me, its too far for them to come for the day. Anyone know if this is a problem or not. Thanks

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  • The last thing you want is more stress so maybe book them into a hotel/ B&B? Can you discuss with your GP on the phone?

  • I would try the rheumy nurse helpline as many GP's have very limited knowledge of biologics especially the newer ones such as Abatacept. Farm

  • Thank you both for your replies. I will ring the helpline on Monday. I did look into hotels etc and the nearest available one is 27 miles away, its bank holiday weekend so most are booked up, so that's not very practical as dad can't drive for a week and mum doesn't drive so I would have to go and collect them and take them back at the end of day..Everything is sent to try us and I'm certainly getting my fair share at the moment. Deep breathes and keep smiling is what I'm telling myself!

  • Yes do push to get hold of your rheumy team. Or is there another friend or family member nearby who could put them up?

    My mum had MRSA after a hospital stay, but I'm not on biologics so not the same. Even so she needed someone to help out at home when she was discharged. Anyway, I was told not to have physical contact either directly or by sharing towels, tea towels etc etc, and that we should both wash our hands frequently and thoroughly. (How in heaven's name I was supposed to help her wash without touching her was a mystery to us both!). But it's a different circumstance, and not the same as you so you must get your own advice. Hope you find a way round this and son has a great wedding.

  • Thanks HelixHelix for your reply. Its a difficult one this as my sister lives in Dubia and is flying in Thursday to Heathrow, mum and dad live in Lincolnshire and I'm in other family members live near them..I will ring Rhuemy team on Monday and leave a message for them to call me asap and will go from there. They are now saying they won't come, which for me is heart breaking as its my eldest, their eldest grandson and the first family wedding and I want all my family to be there to celebrate with us. I have to think of my health as well. I keep thinking how many people do I come into contact each day who have it and don't realise it, there again I don't have close contact with them.

  • I know it is not quite the same but my son had the norovirus just after i had rituximab. I had to be very careful use disposable gloves for all the cleaning and washing. He had his own towel and bathrom which was good. I was very careful with washing hands using antibac soap and sprays. Your rheumy nurse should be able to give you good advice re precautions, it is more work but should be possible . I hope all goes well and you have a great time at. the wedding 😀

  • I would get advice from rheumy team. Is there a b&b or can you look up AirB&B there may be something available that way.

  • When you say MRSA do you actually mean your Dad has an MRSA infection for which he is being treated? or have they found he is MRSA positive?

    These are two different things.

    If he is just having to pop the cream up his nose and wash in the special pink hibi scrub stuff then I see absolutely no problem in him coming as normal.

    My Mum is MRSA positive, she probably caught it from caring from my Dad who in turn caught it in hospital.

    My Mum has been in and out of hospital following emergency surgery back in March and has had to use the nose cream and wash daily in the pink anti MRSA scrub while in hospital and prior to visits.

    I have been intimately caring for my Mum since March, she has a permanent catheter fitted now and I am absolutely fine and am on Biologics too.

    Remember most MRSA carriers don't even know they have it, it is on a high percentage of the population already.

    Washing hands and changing sheets and clothes regularly are just general good practice.

    There is no need for your parents not to come and visit especially if you are in good health generally on your Abatacept.

  • Yes an infection, they have given him a lotion to wash in, so by Wednesday he should be ok. I will double check with Rhuemy tomorrow but think they will tell me that same as all the advice I have been given on here already.

  • Hi, I am on Mtx and biologics and work in a hospital and took care of my Father who lived with me who had MRSA and had no worries my Rhemy was not concerned -MRSA is in a hospitials,nursing homes,etc... So how do you avoid it ? Wash you hands is so important and clean with water and Javex that is how it is cleaned in the hospitial.I am not living in fear because of Arthritis and my meds-I be a basket case-I just use common sense when being around someone who is ill and see what I have to do to protect myself-whether it be hand washing,wearing a mask,gloves,a gown.I sure being around your parents and then them going to a hotel your still in contact with them so what's the difference if they stay with you? I hope all turns out well for you all.

  • Thanks for your reply. I know what your saying and to be honest if he hadn't had the operation on Friday I would be none the wiser to him having it, they would of come as arranged, stayed and gone back. I have Dettol for washing the towels and bedding in. I'm probably in contact with people with far worse on a daily basis without realising it than sharing my home with them for a few day. They have given him a lotion to wash in so by Wednesday he should be on the way to being rid of it.

  • I have RA and am on biological and I work in the healthcare field. I am in contact almost daily with people who have MRSA and C. Difficile, along with a host of other nasties.

    if there is literally no place else for them to go but your house there are things you can do.

    Limit where he goes in your house, that way after the visit you can thoroughly clean the areas afterwards with bleach solution.

    Give him seperate towels and soap, razor, combs and nail files. Do not share any personal supplies. Put his cutlery and dishes in dishwasher on 'sanitize' and any clothing wash in hot water, preferably with a bit of bleach, and high heat dryer

    Your number one way to aviod becoming infected is your own hand washing. Use universal precautions as best you can.

    Don't feel you can't touch him or hug him, you can, just be conscious to not ever put your hands in your mouth or openings like eyes or nose without washing your hands thou thoroughly. Really it's not as scary as it sounds.

    I wish your family and your son a happy wedding day! Congrats!!!

  • Get advice from your rheumatology nurse about how it is transmitted. As far as I am aware (having been MRSA positive myself) MRSA is largely a skin bacteria, so not something that might be spread by coughing, sneezing, or ordinary daily contact with people. In that case, just being a bit more careful than usual about hand washing and making sure you cover any bit of broken skin you might have might be enough. Also when they are gone, it might be worth putting their bedding through a hot wash. There are a lot of people (like me) who carry MRSA, but it really only seems to cause problems when there is some way for it to travel from skin right inside the body - eg through open wounds or surgery.

  • You have RA and have MRSA? I was just told by my infectious doctor that I should not be on a biologic at all. I also work in health care. Post op patients in O.T with Certified Hand Specialists. So my hands are always on people and things they touch. I try to use glove, sanitize and hand wash like crazy. My RA flared up bad so I went to my RA doc. She wants me on Actemra, a shot biologic. its been a year since I had been on one since I contracted MRSA at work. How are you dealing with MRSA in your body and no immune system?


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