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Started my cimzia treatment last night, I was dreading it as I'm no good with side effects! But I really hope it works, I'm fed up of feeling rubbish....still on the highest dose of MTX until the cimzia kicks in then that will thankfully reduce. Is anyone else on biologicals and how are they working for you? Also does anyone get back pain as part of their RA? I've had pain in my lower back for months and physio or medication had made no difference, just wondering if my spine could be inflamed? On a brighter note, how great is this weather? Although if you're anything like me the sun inspires you to do more then I end up over doing it and not being able to move the next day! Steady away! :)

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Hi maxb, just like you I was very concerned when I started Cimzia 5 months ago, but I must say its the best thing to happen. I've never felt better since I was diagnosed with RA 5 years ago. I am still on Methotrexate but a very low dose. No side effects either so can't be happier. To be able to live as much a normal life as possible is great. Still have bad knees from OA but hardly any pain now. I hope it works for you and good luck.

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Good morning.

I was diagnosed in August 2012. After 2 yrs of trying several different drugs I started on Cimzia in August 2014.

I take MTX injections weekly and Cimzia fortnightly.

Having been on prednisolone since being diagnosed (as it was the only thing that really seemed to work) this weekend I have finally stopped taking it!!

It's fair to say that if I overdo it I still pay the price, but I feel the most normal than I have done in a long long time.

Keep positive- and the very best of luck!!!



Starting new medication is always filled with dread and hope. Dread of side effects and hope that this will be the one that works. I too have problems with lower back and neck pain. MRI revealed bulging discs. I am currently on methotrexate injections and enbrel. Enbrel hasn't worked so waiting for go ahead to change to another biologic. Like you I get fed up of feeling rubbish. Hope your change in meds works for you. Weather has been brilliant!



Great news. Hope the Cimzia went well and it works quickly for you xx


Good luck with your new drug!

Hoping it's the one for you that works with limited or no side effects. Hopefully too they can lower or get you off MTX once the Biologic kicks in. Lots of luck!


Thanks for all your replies, and im sorry mines so late in coming! Started the cimzia a fortnight ago and was amazed to have no side effects! Couldnt believe it as id really wound myself up thinking id be feeling so rotten! Havent really noticed much difference in my RD activity yet, still in quite a bit of pain in my left side, mainly wrist and foot, but im keeping hopeful! Next lot of jabs on wednesday so hoping for the best again! Hope you all had a good weekend


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