Happy days!

Some good news for a change! :-)

Have had a horrific time for 2 years (Dx 18 months ago) resulting in me spending a lot of time using crutches/wheelchair etc...

Physically I still feel like a car crash but my brain has been going stir crazy with boredom!

So... I've found the perfect 'very' part time job! They know about my RA and have installed bar stools everywhere so I can sit whenever I need to! It's only 3 hours every other week but the practice is growing and they are happy to increase my hours as/when I find a med that works!

Working as a vet receptionist... I'm getting paid to cuddle dogs!

Happy days!

So relieved to find that there are employers put there who don't dismiss disability instantly

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  • That is amazing !!! So do pleased for you , enjoy , I'm well jel X

  • Dear Gaymamma: Good on you, big time!! Keep strong: we all need to feel some sense of 'self worth' and working does that. My favorite creature on the face of the earth are 'dogs'. My little man - when I'm feeling low, and crying silent tears, climbs into my lap, and licks the tears on my face. 'Cuddle' your heart away. 'Sproal'

  • Couldn't agree more! I have 4 at home and yes the furry dudes really do keep me going <3

  • That's great news, take care

  • Well gay mamma - that sounds like an awful job but someone's got a do it!!!

    Only joking- that sounds perfect and looks like they put thought into catering for your disability.Hope you enjoy it,well what's not to like with a bit of doggy cuddling all day?

    Good luck,



  • well done you xx

  • What a wonderful job and employers. Enjoy every minute of it. Slightly jealous of the dog cuddles.

  • Great news I'm made up for you.

    That's the kind of job I would absolutely love xx

  • Good for you, good for the practice and good for the dogs. Win Win. Enjoy.

  • That is certainly a very good news. So far I only come across RA patients leave their jobs because of the pain and they cannot function as normal. You are the only one that I come across getting a new job where your employer is willing to accommodate your situation. That is really amazing!!

  • That's exactly why I wanted to share it! It's so so easy to get so totally overwhelmed and disheartened with this stupid illness.... just for once I wanted to give a positive; there are a few employers out there who look at your disability and your job app and say 'wow. That's determination... impressive' :-)

    So chuffed. I genuinely felt I was on the scrap heap for life.....

  • Amen!!! What a blessing!!! Keep Looking Up!!! And watch the blessing flow from above.....there may not even be room enough to receive them!!! :).

    Made My Day,



  • Yea.

  • Great news! Very happy for you.


  • How awesome! I am so happy for you, they sound like amazing employer that is willing to work with you, win, win for parties.

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