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In Search of a Happy Song

Hello everyone.

It seems as though many of us are frequently being woken in the early hours of the day at the moment, myself included. I guess that the quiet movements outside as dawn breaks are enough to disturb us from our unsettled sleep.

In my case those movements are a little less than subtle………blooming great jackdaws in jack-boots marching across my dormer window roof and seagulls screeching from the roof tops have been my welcome to the new dawn. Don’t you just love nature!

A few days ago I woke at precisely 4 in the morning and Leonard Cohen’s song Famous Blue Raincoat came into my head where it has remained stuck ever since.

For those of you familiar with early Leonard Cohen, you will know that this is not the most joyous of songs to have as your companion but I can’t seem to let it go! I’ve been dragging it around after me like an overused comfort blanket in need of a good wash. I need an alternative.

I had a go at Beethoven’s emperor concerto which worked pretty well and even motivated me enough to try out a couple of the ballet moves I remember from when I was eight. – OK, not my brightest idea. I don't do 'bendy' anymore.

Muse are usually pretty good at getting me going and motivating me into action (although, not their Olympics one, really, what were they thinking?) but I think I’ve overworked them recently.

In desperation I have just you tubed the Mr Men Happy Song. Hmm, not as happy as I remember, it kind of made me want to smash something.

This is where you come in guys. Any suggestions for a new theme tune to take over the head space that Leonard Cohen (bless him) is occupying at the moment.


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Suggest lots of things by Kate & Anna McGarrigle (may have spelled surname wrong) though they do sad & blue too. If you are into Leonard, as am I, you may well know the McGarrigle sisters already. I want to dance as well, I really really do. xx


I've just played Talk to me of Mendocino - sweet. Thanks for that. x


Oh what have you started .... can't stop playing their songs now! 'You tell me that I'm falling down' works for me these days (& not just for the obvious reason!) though it's not 100% motivational!


Or Kate's kids Rufus nd Martha Wainwright?


Oh no! I clicked on the Mr Men link and I can feel that it's going to be echoing round my head for the rest of the day! Ugh..... Not exactly happy, but Van Morrison's Good Morning Blues (I woke up this morning and couldn't get outta bed.....) is quite a bouncy song and I mutter it to myself as I wiggle my toes, feet, etc etc to unjam myself in the morning. Px




Depends whether you want to sing along or one that just makes you want to jig about. If it's the latter I'd say Processed Beats by Kasabian. If it's an early morning sing along, appropriate title might be It's Oh So Quiet by Bjork (your neighbours might worry if you start screaming!!)

Have fun xx


Harry nilson without you. Not mariah careys version as she ruined it.xx


Okay the songs I play when I'm walking over the hill briskly with dogs in tow (not in pain as can't hold the leads then) are Leonard Cohen's "Dance me to the End of Love" - I even did a 6 foot painting when I was at college and called it "Dance Me" and I had people squabbling over it - which of course has made the song even more poignant for me!! Also I listen to Stevie Wonder's "Master Blaster" which I've loved ever since it was a hit in the 80s and which has me boogying around the kitchen to the disgust of my menfolk. More recently I've had to play "Who's Sorry Now" by Connie Francis - which my son sang the other night to a packed audience. His voice is mediocre (unlike Connie's) but his chutpah is second to none!

I also love Paul Nutini - and the album with Candy on it is a favourite for putting my mood up.

Hope these help in the early hours perhaps?

Tilda xx


Hi there what about Paul Simon under African skies. I just love the album Graceland.Just so relaxing. xx


My happy relaxing song is Tender by Blur, great as they do it with a gospel choir!!



I was brought up freddy and the pacemakers and shawoddy woddy and listening to either of them could paint a room in few hrs singing with mum at tops of our voices! Not a pretty site but great fun. lol

I find if I need cheering up I think of it want to break free by queen! The sight of freddy hoovering industry black mini skirt not stocking is enough to put me in tears of laughter!

I hope it gives you a smile and something better to listen to.

Take care and angel blessings


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