PIP Tribunal Result

I posted on here in April about how I was duped at my PIP interview by being told that if I took the physical examination it would not affect my PIP claim in any way but of course it did. I wasn't sure whether to go the Tribunal or not but with encouragement from the lovely people on here I did go to the Tribunal yesterday. It was quite daunting with a Judge, a doctor and a disability expert. Much to my surprise I was asked about how the personal fitness regime was going that the original interviewer had put in my notes. I was flabbergasted as I had said nothing of the sort, I told the Tribunal about this and about the physical examination debacle. Why this woman acted like this is beyond me. I told the Tribunal everything I could and tried not to exaggerate, they were very polite and seemed to understand my problems. After being sent out of the room for the to discuss my case, I was called back in after about half an hour and was expecting to be turned down but to my surprise I was awarded DLA at the standard rate which I thought was fair and correct. I did not claim mobility allowance as it does not apply to me. I think the moral is that if you think your claim is just, go for it. Be polite and respectful but tell them if you think something is not right.

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  • congratulations on this positive result this will give other encouragement to stand up for what is a demoralising experience for too many people it easy to just give up

  • Well done,

    This will encourage others to take action. By handling yourself with dignity you prevailed. An example to us all x

  • Well done sounds like you handled a daunting situation brilliantly😊

  • Well done you! and im so pleased that your perseverance and belief that honesty should be the eventual winner has come through this difficult time. A small celebration due im sure.

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