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Foot Pain 😖 Help Please?!

Hi all,

My feet are still flaring, it's on going and it doesn't seem to let up, the pain is hardly bearable.

Does anyone have any advice of what I could be doing to reduce the pain?

I currently take 22.5mg of methotrexate and folic acid either side of methotrexate day.

I use ibuprofen and paracetamol or cocodamol.

Thanks for your continuous support everyone!

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Hi Izzy sorry to here that things are difficult at the moment. A simple thing of putting a few blocks under the foot of your bed to raise it a couple of cms may ease it during the night and using one of those foot spas with some Epsom salts in might help (but I wouldn't rush out and buy one but borrow if you can to see if it's any good first as we can waste a lot on money over time buying things that might work).

Naproxen does the trick for me in the main... Have you tried it? Gp might give you a prescription if you ask.

All the best



I always think that the pharmacist is the best person to get medication advice from.

Saying that, you should not be putting up with this. It sounds like the methotrexate isn't doing enough for you. I don't know how long you have been on it. There are plenty of other drugs which may suit your condition better. Please don't put up with it but insist you see your consultant or rheumatology nurse. I believe in making a nuisance of the nicest possible way, of course! xxx

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And also ask to be referred to a podiatrist. It sounds as if you need someone to check your feet over carefully and advise on how best to support them etc.

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Hi ,go to a podiatrist ,and get some kenalog injections in your painful joint,

It is a miracle , I had that many times When my pains is unbearable

The Med is a steroid combination and pain medication (lidocaine ) is fast acting

To me is better then high dosage of steroid Med by mouth,

E no side effect from to much steroid pills allover your body

Usually you can get 3 injection a year in the same joint , it is WONDERFUL

Good luck


I think each foot has 30 joints. If you have inflammation raging then much of the synovial fluid in each joint is probably being depleted. The very good news is synovial membrane and the fluid inside it can repair itself, it just needs healthy blood.

Clint Paddison (of the paddison diet program describes the pain as walking on shards of glass. When I first heard his description I felt it was so true for my feet. No matter how careful I was I found the pain excruciating.

The starting point of recovery is meds that work for you and rest.

For me I did not want meds for the rest of my life so I have gone down the whole food plant based diet road. Yesterday I treated myself to my first pizza (PIzza Express) since New Year. So far I have had no problems. I will be blogging about it tonight/ tomorrow at, but not yet. I just want to check I have no adverse reactions and that means waiting for 24 hours.


Dear Izzy,

I sympathise with you 100%, my foot pain has been nerve pain which started in February. It was unbearable at times and sleep was very disrupted. I kept ringing Rheumatology and my GP and, without going into all the details, things got worse but I did get a new drug for the pain - Gabapentin, which if yours is joint pain it won't be relevant, but you do need to keep asking and relaying your symptoms to the people looking after you.

I have now had more investigation, it's nothing to do with my back which is good, I am sleeping much better and there is some improvement in my feet. The consensus is that it's the RA causing the nerve inflammation, not sure what will happen next as I'm on all the drugs that I can be.

Thinking of you and wishing you well


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