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Hi guys I have been on sick leave since March I revived a call from our office last week they want to medically retire me, since diagnosed 2 years ago I have been poked and prodded by our company doctors seemingly my condition (RA) and the treatments that go with it are not compatible with the offshore environment I knew this day would come just hopped to get a few more years in first... 28 years in my job and loved the lifestyle it gave me, next week I have appointment with occupational health to put the final nail in, time to adapt to "normal" work I guess...after I've blew the generous severance payment they are offering of course ha ha

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I can sympathise with you as I've just been medically retired from my job after 23 years but I just couldn't do it anymore due to RA and OA and it took me a while to get my head round it as I've worked all my life,but at 51 now I know it was the right call as I was just fighting against it and it was me who was suffering, hope everything works out for you

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Hi guys thanks for replying yes I fought against it, under constant scrutiny from my employer and on site medical team hard to hide reduced performance and ever present limp their argument is mainly if I was to hurt myself or have a bad reaction to meds hospital is 3 hrs away weather permitting, I have completely come to terms with the situation now and prepared to go with the flow, I am also 51 but fortunately my children are all grown up and working so I won't feel as if I'm letting anyone down



I am very sorry to know that. In fact, I was so worried of the same fate when I collapsed 2 years ago. I could not go without a job because my youngest son was in his first year to the college. I could not fail him as a mother, therefore I worked very closely with my doctor and followed all instruction closely to ensure I got back to my normal life again. I am glad that my employer and my colleagues were very understanding and helped me out for the past 2 years when I was very sick.


I really feel for you as i can relate to your struggle to stay in a job you love. I hope you find a way to use your transferrable skills? My partner has worked offshore or on the sea his whole worling life and came on land a few years ago cos his knees and back couldnt take more. He struggled with the loss of income and sense of himself.

I am managing to work fulltime as a nurse for now but every day is a struggle (i have rheumatoid arthritis pattern psoriatic arthritis and its moving fast) good luck in your future.



They are obliged to make 'reasonable adjustments' if possible which obviously could not still be with the 'off shore' work but is there more appropriate on shore work that you could be reassigned to? Or are you comfortable to let it go and move onto something completely new around the corner?

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Hi again guys I wish you all the best... Yes I am now comfortable with the situation and realise the chances of getting back offshore are almost zero, the last six months is the longest time I have been at home for over quarter of a century, getting use to it now and enjoying it most of the time, however it is a big change, I now have to "budget" ha ha something I never had to do before but it's a challenge and I do enjoy a challenge, I used to jet off here there and everywhere at the drop of a hat, those day are behind me for the moment or perhaps longer as I am recently married ha ha but looking forward to looking for a more suitable job and yes transferable skills I have I worked in helicopter operations amongst other things so, airside work at my local airport is an option just need to update my CV


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