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Well, now going in to week 5 of MTX and can't say I feel any better. I know it will take 6-10 weeks so I will be patient. Biggest worry, apart from various pains in my hands & jaw, is my feet. Cant walk any distance which is really frustrating. I go on holiday soon and won't be able to walk the way i normally do. Due to visit hospital Rheumy in August so think i will need to ask to refer me to podiatry. Anyone else have foot problems they have overcome?

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  • Hi I've had RA and oa since 2014 and still get problems with feet and toes , I've been on mtx ,sulfazalasine and hydroxycoloquine but have just started Biisomar (Benepalie) so I'm dropping last2 dmards, I got insoles made at piodatry and they've helped a lot but my feet still bother me and have trouble walking too far , just have to grin and bare it I'm afraid and it's so annoying as I used to walk for miles when I was abroad

  • Thanks for reply pop smith. Kinda thought would need to grin and bear it.

  • I'm a newbie to mtx too. Last night was my first dose. So I'm way behind you.

    My RA started in my feet back in 2013. I went from a size 8 to a size 12 and I could hardly walk. So I know exactly how painful it is. Today I wear a size 10 shoe.

    I got some orthotics made and it did help me. I also bought something called "toe stretchers" they are not as expensive as "yoga toes" . The toe stretchers that I wore for an hour at night helped relieve the pain on the balls of my feet.

    All the best to you


  • Thank you Suzanne, think my feet are bound to get worse so your experience will help.

  • Dear 55MC and suzannedale

    I hope my experience will help you along.

  • Oh Amylee thank you for sharing and giving me hope.

  • Thank you Amylee, this forum is so reassuring in my world of uncertainty.

  • Dear Suzannedale and 55MC,

    I was on methotrexate at the very beginning. I was worried too, but there was nothing I could do because I was in great pain and suffering. Therefore I decided to just listen to my doctor and work closely with her.

    So far, beside diarrhea and vomiting and hair thinning, I was perfectly okay. The diarrhea and vomiting issued were stopped 2 days after I visited my doctor. Hair thinning was stopped after a few months and it was not really that serious and I have my hair as normal.

    Just trust your doctor and work with him or her closely. Do remember to do your exercise daily. You will be fine, I believe.

  • I have had a lot of foot problems, bunions, toes in one foot over lapping. The foot specialist wanted to operate. I decided to forego that pleasure !! I ordered shoes that are wider and deeper from a place called Dr. Comfort, and can now walk comfortably, but not cover the distances which I used to before, as I get backache. Best of luck.

  • Thanks zannie. I don't know how many pairs of sandals and shoes I have bought that are useless. Will look Dr Comfort up.

  • I could barely walk for a year, including taking MTX for 8 of those months. It sucks. You need to be incredibly patient and easy on yourself, which is hard. MTX didn't work for me at all until I combined it with Humira and I only realized it had some benefit when I tried to ditch it (the MTX) and it resulted in a flare. I've been off MTX since March 2016 because my liver enzymes had been elevated for about 16 months or something like that and am only relying on Humira. My RA symptoms started to return in mid April and I've been in low level flare since. So, anyway, MTX might take forever to make a difference for you or might only work with something else added to the mix. The tricky part is to be patient and let it do its thing. Gentle hugs.

    PS After combining MTX and Humira my feet felt great, I switched to barefoot shoes & Vibram Five Fingers and I was back running again!

  • Thank you Karen. It is really hard, the waiting part I mean. Sometimes I question myself on what level of pain I put up with. O go to Hospital later this month and it really helps to be aware of what help is out there.

  • I think sore feet are very common with RA sufferers. I have orthotics and they have improved my walking a lot. Ask rheumy for a referral to podiatry. x

  • Thanks for your reply Sheila, i intend to do exactly that when i attend hospital later this month.

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