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Have just taken out life insurance, declared sero negative ra, asked loads of questions re heart, lungs and eyes!!, but more interestingly if I was taking any of the following:-

adalimumab, azathioprine, entercept, infliximab. lefumonide( is being considered by consultant) or rituximab.. now is this is because these are the drugs that increase health/ mortality risk as they carry their own risks, or do they think any one taking them has very severe ra? or they not on nice guidelines.. get the feeling if I had been taking any of these they wouldnt have covered me?

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  • All I know is that last year Azathioprine made me very ill - hospitalised twice for a week each time. More scarily, none of the hospital doctors or my GPs identified the drug as cause and put me back on it twice after the first pancreatic response. That said I'd try a few more of these if my new rheumy thinks it advisable.

  • I took out life insurance a few years ago, being on rituximab doubled the amount I paid.

    Your right summer32 there were only 3 insurance companies that would insure me.


  • Hi, do you know why being on Rituximab doubled the amount? Thanks

  • Hi, I'm not sure why, they did say if I stop having infusions to let them know as it would reduce my premium. Anna

  • Oh ok...double edged sword so to speak...we need the infusions to help us feel better!!! Thanks for reply .

  • Blimey, I never knew this. Bizarre that MTX is not included on the list when it's the cytotoxic one, but leflunomide is.

  • I thought it strange mtx isnt on the list, but it could be that it is widely used with a reasonable safety profile and the other drugs they listed arent?

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