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My consultant took me off Enbrel as he said it wasnt working any more and put me on Humira injections, i have had 2 so far and am due to take my 3rd tonight, that will be 6 weeks since i started,( as the injections are every 2 weeks ) but i dont seem to be feeling any better, Does anyone know how long it will take before i feel some benefit from them ?

Wendy x

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Hi Wendy

For me it was pretty quick, within a few days that I started to feel a benefit.

I believe that for others it can take a few weeks.

Enbrel never worked for me at all.



Took 12 weeks for me but then it worked for ages ! Hang on on there!


For me Enbrel worked for 7 years and then changed to Humira and tried for 9 months but did not give a good enough response. Farm


I was on embrel for 2 yrs initially worked wonders almost from the first dose.seemed to stop working after 2 yrs.iv just started a new high tech med called roactemra also an in injectable and so far so good


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