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Starting Humira!

6 years after after my first ever flare, having seen 4 nurses, 3 consultants, Prescribed MTX (25) and sulfasalazine, with no change and more frequent and severe flares, I am awaiting my delivery of Humira!

My local hospital has taken on a new consultant and I was placed under her watch. After our first consultation she ticked all the boxes for me to be eligible for biological therapy and advised it should have been sooner as I meet the conditions. God is the source of strength :)

The reason I am posting this, and it's not the first and may not be the last time it is asked, what is everyone's experience with Humira as the biologic nurse she thinks fortnightly injections would be best for me.

I'm so happy yet in the back of my mind I know it may not work. Any info would be much appreciated :)

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Hi Viiks, sounds like great news. I have been on Humira about two years and I have had no problems at all, still the occasional flare but on the whole it's been great. No side effects at all. I think everyone has it every two weeks. Good luck and I really hope it helps and you get on well with it.


Hi viiks

Been on it for 5 - 6 years. Been in remission for 5 - 6 years. Fingers crossed.

Still have a little inflammation, but compared to what went before, very little.

Still watched helplessly as my left knee got progressively more vagus until the point where I was no longer 'too young' for a TKR.

Long my it continue.

No known side-effects, apart from possibly a greater tendency to fungal infections- manifesting itself as athletes foot. I have to religiously wash and dry between my toes. I use tea-tree oil mixed with soap. If I don't it returns.

That and it took me years to get rid of verrucas gained taking my children swimming.

Small beer. 🍻

Good luck with it.



Hi Viiks that's good news, I'm on Humira and inject fortnightly,it's working for me .

I still have the odd aches and pains but nothing like it used to be.

I hope it works for you.

Kind regards Mike


Hi Viiks,

I am on mtx and Sulfasalazine too. With no great results. I started two weeks ago with Humira, with temperarely prednisolone. This week my second injection. So not very experienced with it but hopefull.

Wish you all the best!



humira has given me my life back..hope it works for u. I inject every 2 weeks..methotrexate weekly

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I have been on Humira since it came out over 10 years ago. I have experience only a few flairs ( nothing major )and it has slowed the progression of my ra down. I am very active . I took up running I even did a few 5k's, I have gone ziplining. I do gardening and I do work out with a wonderful series of DVDs by Leslie Simone called The Miracle Miles. Very important to stay active. I know some of the side effects sounds scary but, right now it seems like the benefits have far outweighed the potential side effects.


Wow that's amazing! I have a young son and would love to take him to the parks and play and I'm hoping I'm able to after Humira. Not sure about 5k though lol :)


I have just been on Humira for the 12 week effectiveness window they say it takes and boy what a difference! I remember waiting for the first delivery like I was waiting for my life to begin after it had been on hold for two years.

I first took the injection on a Sunday morning (UK Mother's Day). The injection is not painful! I had read loads of things saying it would be, but it really wasn't any worse than any other injections ppl get .

I have to say that I felt weird after my first one but only my first one. I felt a little light headed like I was drunk, which wasn't the worst feeling, and beats how sick mtx makes one feel. Within three hours I went from walking with a limp to being able to walk almost normally. It was an incredible feeling to walk up the stairs normally, rather than clutching the bannister and going up one at a time. All pain in other joints was already improving!

Over that week I continued to walk relatively normally, every day waking up in less pain felt like Christmas β˜ƒ

I have to say I had a bit of an upset tummy the day after my injections, but that has also improved with taking it longer. It is a wonder drug for me, and swelling has gone down, pain is pretty much non existent and life is great!

I do still get twinges, it's just like a reminder that Arthritis is still there but I'm ok with that. Also I have had a sinus infection linked to Humira so watch out for that and go GP ASAP if you do get any symptoms of infection.

I really really hope Humira works for you, it has for me, and I thought nothing ever would after trying mtx and sulpha

Best of luck xx


Honestly I'm so happy that it's worked for you.

I felt disheartened too with sul and mtx not working, but your rely has made me feel more optimistic:)


Thank you all for your replies it is very much appreciated :)


I have been on Humria for a few years. I am doing very well. I take a shot every other week. Good luck to you! Hope it helps you as much as it has done for me.


I too have only just started on Humira, taken two injections fortnightly. I haven't noticed any improvement yet, and have had no side effects apart from a funny tickle in my throat on the first injection which only lasted seconds. So fingers crossed Humira will be my saviour. Good luck with it my lovely. X Rie


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