Pain just appears

Hi All. I am just wondering about a few things and if they are the same as some of you guys. 1) I can just be sitting in the arm chair and out of nowhere, my hands or other will just start really hurting? I thought this was supposed to be worse in the morning or does that just apply to stiffness because my random mini flares often appear later in the day.

2) my pain is symmetrical in a way and yet not quite. Like now, my right wrist and hand suddenly started hurting last night and now my left hand has joined in but not in exactly the same joints?

Ring any bells??

Thank you x

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  • hi elmo have u got ra

  • Yes, seropositive. On mtx. X

  • i havent heard seropositive i am quite new on here but u will get lots of answers to your questions they are a nice friendly crowd as u will find out sorry i am not much help how long u been on the mtx i was on that for 8yrs x

  • I have been on it for about 2 years. It has been very helpful but I do get lots of infections now. Seropositive just means that RA shows up in all of my blood tests. Some people have seronegative where their blood tests all come back normal. Its great to find a place to ask questions to people who know first hand.

  • yes some of these people on here really know what they talking about i googled seropositive so know what u mean now are u in uk different places seem to treat people different are u taking folic acid with your mtx that really helps with hair and sickness i took 2 every morning except injection day this cold weather makes the bones ache more hope u got a good rhumy doc x

  • Yes, do take folic acid. Yes, I'm in UK, you? Rarely see the rheumatologist, see nurse every few months

  • thats good i noticed a lot of the people dont get the folic acid mayby once a week we are lucky yes i live uk southend on sea will keep a lookout and see how u doing i see rhumy 29th this month thats for osteoporosis as been diagnosed with that as well its in the same part of the hosp so thats handy x

  • Yes that sounds about right for me too. On Monday sitting having a cup of coffee as a reward after having been food shopping. Left knee joint starts hurting out of the blue, no new exercise, no twisting, nothing. By night time, hurting quite a lot and a bit red and swollen on the inside. Husband touches it accidently and I shoot through the roof. Tuesday, other knee hurts a bit. By Friday both knees hurting, both a bit swollen and tender. Other joints variable as usual. Can't remember when I last had pain in the knees, not usually affected (unlike ankles & feet, wrists and hands which are always painful).

  • Good fun isn't it?! Keeps us guessing🙄

  • This can happen to me too. Can be sitting then all of a sudden pain in wrists or elbows shoulders and more recently feet

    Hope you feel better

  • I have sjogrens but also have joint pain with swelling and muscle pain. I can get sudden gripping pain in hands on occasion in knuckles and thumbs. Can i ask why you take folic acid with mtx? I take plaquenil and ive had one course of rituximab, but ive had probs with thinning hair. Should I take folic acid??

  • i was on mtx 8 years and had 2 folic acid every day never had probs with thinning hair was taking 22.5 mg mtx as i suffered bad nausea ask your rhumy about it x

  • Hi- snap! I'm seropositive btw ☺

  • Hi Elmo333

    I also have this sudden onset of pain.

    I can be sitting minding my own business and then wham! Painful wrist,or toes ect... For me though this typically doesn't stay for days usually about 24 hours, and seems to be happening less frequently the longer I'm on mtx 😀

  • Hi Elmo

    I have a diagnosis of sero positive palindromic RA, which seems to mean exactly what you describe - unpredictable sudden joint inflammation occurring in random joints. e.g. happily walking briskly out for a meal, knee starts hurting during the main course, unable to walk by home time, 2 rotten days (and nights), then OK. it makes you feel so stupid (and shaky) when it's so sudden. My random flares usually start late afternoon /evening but are rarely symmetrical. can be shoulder one side, wrist the other, neck the next day.

    I amuse myself by trying to isolate trigger factors, but then keep too busy to think about it when I have a flare free week or two and persuade myself that I'm fine. Then off we go again......

    On MTX injections which does seem to deaden the most spectacular flares with which it all started, and it's all most definitely better than it was a couple of years ago,

    Good luck,

  • Sometimes I find myself staring at my hands because I expect to see someone bashing my thumbs with a hammer.

  • Hi suzannedale/ Elmo333

    I'm exactly the same as you,will be minding my own,watching tv when I suddenly jump because pain is now shooting up one or both hands or feet for no apparent reason..... you look at them as if to ask why? And then remember that there is no reasoning with any of these diagnosis - that's why they're so hard to treat,because of the unpredictability of the damn things!! And of course,add the cold, damp weather into the mix and I'm suddenly hit by fatigue as if I've been hit on the head - I can literally miss hours/days at a time where,again,I'll be lying comfortably watching something,then I'll wake up in the dark and not know if it's morning or night because I've been asleep for so long,yet wasn't even feeling tired when I started watching my program?! I've given up trying to second guess it now,and just dress as an ice hockey player with the relevant supports/splints as and when the pains arise 😝

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