No Jury Service

Got a letter today saying I am excused jury service, thank goodness. Just could not cope with that at the moment.

In the same post was another letter saying I needed to reply urgently to the original letter as they had not heard from me. Just another case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing lol.

Just like to thank you all for your answers and support. Xxx

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  • That must be a relief for you. Farm

  • Oh good, I'm sure that's a relief for you. Just so we know did you need to ask for a confirmation letter from your GP or Rheumy to include with your reply or did they accept your word?

  • No I didn't send any other letter, I just explained I was 70 years old and really struggling with RD so I think my age was the saving grace. It's got worse since I replied, in a really bad flare at the moment so just really pleased they have excused me. Think all this flaming rain isn't helping lol.

  • That's even better, so maybe your age worked in your favour, for once! Sorry that things have become worse, saying take it easy probably doesn't help but nevertheless I hope it passes soon. We woke to grey skies this morning but it's glorious now, really busy in town so let's hope it starts to clear where you are. x

  • Thanks nmh, like you say for once age has been a blessing, been nice here this morning but very overcast now. Might have some rain just for a change lol xxx.

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