Called helpline

I asked to speak with a nurse.

Nurse was currently holding a clinic.

I explained the problem and who I spoke with said they would pass the message.

Waited all day no call was received. Now it's the weekend so will try again on Monday.

It looks like I will need to wait until my telephone review on the 4th July

I also called NRAS this morning and they told me to tell them of my difficulty getting through to speak to a nurse over the last few weeks.

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  • Been there so many times.eventually get a reply,full of apologies ,have you tried this,have you tried that, course I havn,t ,I just love being in pain not senile! Sorry,just feel like I,m the only person up at this time.

  • My local nurse "advice line" is now ONLY an answerphone with a message not to expect a call back for 48 hours!

  • What about your rheumys secretary that's who I phone now if I have any problems and she's always right on the case

  • It's the rhuematology secretary who answers and takes a message saying they will pass it on.

    GP was good but didn't know what I should do. Advised to speak with the Rhuematlogy dept I'm under.

  • I use to phone help line but it is switched off now so I just phone my Rheumy secretary and get things done quicker

  • I think the help line is answered by the secretary now. Another NHS cutback all services now stretched and not able to cope while you continue to suffer.

  • You are lucky to have a nurse and a phone number here at Basildon we do not gave a help.line no one to talk to tried the appointments line to general hospital but told they do not deal with that.??????

    So I wait until my appointment 9th.August and in meantime suffer my GPS says to write perhaps I should feel for you darling highs and xxxxxxx take care

  • It looks like all services are stretched beyond their means. I live local to Basildon and was going to ask my GP to refer me there. I ended up with my current service because my initial referral was to an Orthapaedic consultant and this was the earliest available appointment. So once they completed their investigations and realised my problem referred me to their rhuematology dept.

    But seeing what you have written I think I will stay Where I am for the time being.


  • I live in Scotland might be different up here so depends where y stay my Rheumy team are pretty quick about getting back to me if I don't hear within 1 day I just keep phoning and won't be fooled off hope y get things sorted

  • Thanks Manila for your reply. Whilst I cannot get to speak to any one when I do see my rheumy she is very thorough and as you say it is the state of the NHS that is doing this i do understand but when you see in pain itching and do not get much sleep it can be hard to be Patient but I do try . I would go to the rheumatologist anyway.take care xxx

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