Lump in my throat 😵

Hi everyone, hope you are all ok. This is not a RA problem I don't think. I was out to lunch on Tuesday and swallowed some food that felt as if it got stuck in my throat. I still have the feeling there is something there. This is the second time in the last few months this has happened. Not sure if I am just being careless when I eat. Any advice would be appreciated xx


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  • Hi MaryTh, can't give you any advice but have had a similar feeling of something in my throat occasionally, feels like I need to keep swallowing and comes and goes...didn't occur to me it might be RA related until I read your post, so maybe it is. Will be watching for replies with interest.

    Take care,


  • I think this is related to RA as since I've been diagnosed in 2014 I've had trouble swallowing xxx

  • Sometimes your Cricoarytenoid joint can become inflamed when you have RA and can cause this sensation. Here is a link to an article explaining it in more detail; .

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you Alison, will look at that later.

    At the moment I don't have a problem swallowing and although I am asthmatic I am not having trouble breathing. I had a very bad chest infection a few weeks ago which needed 3 weeks of antibiotics but have got over that.

  • Thanks everyone xx

  • I have this problem but my rheumatologist is sending me to enter as he said it's not ra

  • This might interest some of you (and read the symptoms page as well and other pages):


  • I have problems swallowing, investigations have pointed to sjorgrens syndrome being part of the problem. However, there can be many reasons for difficulty in swallowing, and I think it is worthwhile mentioning it to your gp, so that possible nasties can be ruled out. It's so tempting to blame everything on RD, and sometimes it's not the culprit!! M xx

  • Thanks everyone, seeing GP on Monday. Hope you all have a good weekend xx

  • One of the side effects of Lansoprazole (gastric reflux medicine) is difficulty in swallowing. Maybe some of the other gastric medicines might have similar side effects if relevant. xx

  • Yes I have just the same my GPS sent me to ENT at hospital have had tests and barium meal but found nothing so am convinced it is RA or PsA.

    You gave my sympathy it is orribileostomy!!!take care xxx

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