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Is this a flare


I feel nauseas tired and fatigued increased pain in my wrists and had a thumping headache yesterday

I had my MXT yesterday and have suffered some nausea since starting it. Did improve but since starting hydroxychloroquine it's much worse. Unable to eat much today. Just want to sleep but can't. Think I'm overtired.

I tried to call the Rhuematology helpline today with no success and unable to get a GP appointment either. Told to call again at 8:00 tomorrow for same day appointment.

I called 111 as desperate this afternoon said not bad enough for an emergency appointment.


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Hi Matilda,

Sorry I don't know if is a flare, as I've not had one (recently diagnosed and joints always feel approx the same)

Hope you can get a gp appointment tomorrow or if not, you could try explaining the situation to the receptionist and ask if he could ring you if you can't get an appointment. Someone should help as you'rw feeling so unwell.

Hope you have better luck tomorrow xx

(Maybe try the rheumatology helpline again too, or NRAS helpline?)

Inadvertent sexism there - assuming your gp was 'he' because mine is...he or she I meant :-)

Hi Matilda.

I found it is much quicker to email them they seem to reply much quicker, do you have the email address?

I use to be very sick with methroxate when I first started taking it; I found taking folic acid everyday but the day you take methroxate helped with my sickness. I was given an anti nausea tablets they made me feel worse.

Are you drinking plenty of water to you need to keep hydrated when your feeling sick and not eating much. Headaches can be sign of dehydration the fatigue is part of the condition you feel tired when you push yourself too much.

I hope you get some answer soon Matilda take care

Hi Tanya

Drinking at least 2 litre of water a day

I don't have an email contact for the department. Will ask at my next appointment if I can have one.

I have a GP appointment this morning.


Hi again

I have this email address.


Just need to put your hospital in that might work. They normally give you the email address with all the information they give you. I hope you get an appointment soon .

Glad you are drinking at least 2 litres of water a day; it's one reason for headaches.

Do you have splints for your wrists? You can get rest ones too they are worth trying if you don't.

Have you tried heat on your wrists; heat might help ease the pain. If they are a bit swollen try ice pack that helps with pain too. These help me splints and hot and cold; it's not good for eveyone

Good luck

I am trying all you have mentioned but no relief.

I have a GP appointment now but the email address will be useful too.

The help line is manned by receptionist staff.


Hope you get some help today at the GPS. There's nothing worse than pain I really hope it improves for you soon

Thank you

I hope so too. The pain in my hands is unbearable can't drive too painful so will need to walk to GP which is about 10 minutes from my house.

I will leave in good time and take a slow walk

I've also ran out of cocodamol a few weeks ago didn't ask for some more as forgot at my last appointment as pain was much better

Paracetamol no help


mtx can cause nausea I used to take mine mid morning/ lunchtime with food which helps, you can also be prescribed anti sickness meds.. Unfortunately Hydroxychloroquine can also cause sickness as a side effect, the mtx can make you tired I used to take mine Friday.. thoughtful.!! due to work.

If you are still bad today.. speak to a dr, tell them how bad you feel, is there any chance you could have picked something up like a sickness bug?

It's possible as I work in a hospital

could be then x

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