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Is this fibromyalgia

Hi all, 2 years ago developed very bad hip pain, unable to walk, and tore tendons in right arm trying to stand up. Eventuelly dr gave me arcoxia 90 which worked very well. I took it for 8 months then told to stop. Had no pain in hips since. Beg of sept I woke up unable to move shoulders, arms and neck very stiff. It has got slightly better and not on any pills but get very tired, usually at least 1-2 hours sleep in day. I find it difficult to go to sleep at night without taking valerian which works for me. I also had pain where jaw meets skull, hard to eat at first but now okay unless I open my mouth very wide or try tough meat. I have also had bursitis in R knee, saw an accupuncturist and it is a lot better at present but still noticeable. The Dr is waiting for blood test results for fibromyalgia and I see him Thursday. I understand from reading that there is no definative test to diagnose it and no cure. Any advice would be helpful. I do have osteoporosis and in early 70's.

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Hello. I have polymyalgia which sounds just like your symptoms ie shoulder and upper arm pain and stiffness also hips. Because inflamation is involved, your doctor will be able to see this from your blood test, although some people don't show raised CRP levels, and in my case it's complicated because I also have RA. I'm sure your your doctor will be able to make a diagnosis based on your symptoms and blood test results together. PMR is treated with steroids. There are lots of people on here who have Fibromyalgia and can tell you all about the treatment for that. There is a polymyalgia forum on health unlocked it's PMR/GCA. Sorry I'm not clever enough to paste the link in here! Hope you soon get sorted out. Angela.


Thank you very much for that Angela. I am interested in what the Dr will say on Thursday now. I must say that he gave me a steroid injection while he sent me for the blood tests.


hello, i was diagnosed with FM on monday. my RA and fm (!) is bad today, i am so tired so i can't write much but i hope you get your results tomorrow and let me know what your gp says. hopefully i can help you more with what went through with my diagnosis for FM later on this week - take care dilliex


hi Dillie and all, went to Dr yesterday, I get the impression that he still thinks it is FM as the steroid injection I had when I saw him last had no effect. As I see Rheumy on 29th he said wait and see what he says. He did say that he had also thyroid problem in mind. So I will wait to see. By the way my sister has Polymyalgia so does this and FM run in families.

As I live in Costa Blanca Spain, I have a serious query, I am going to UK for 12 days over Christmas, is this going to make my fairly mild shoulder pain much worse in the cold?


I lived that area for 11 years, returning to the UK last year & find with my RD & OA it's the cold dampness here (not the cold) that affects me equally as badly as the humidity around this time of the year does over there, around when the gota fria arrives. Only placing heat on the affected areas eases the pain for me, layering to keep warm doesn't do the trick, so I'd suggest bringing wheat bags with you or buying some here if you don't have any if you find the cold dampness affects you too. Or if you have an electric heat pad, that works even better, have one on my back as I write (& an electric foot muff!!).

Hope my experience helps & you enjoy your British Christmas. One thing I really missed there was seeing all the Christmas trees appearing in homes on the run up to the big day!


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