Please help my MTX has been stopped !!!!!!

Methotrexate stopped owing to liver results raised again!!

Can any one advise ? What happens if you cannot take MTX anymore?

I'm so worried I understand I cannot take this drug if my liver can't cope - but where do I go from here - has anyone been in the same position? I would be very grateful for any replies .

Many thanks

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  • hi doughnut61. Yes the same happened to me but the Mtx was restarted after a year but by sub cut injection . There are alternatives to Mtx but I'm assuming your blood results will have to return to normal before they consider changes. I was put onto biologics treatments so don't worry too much. Your Rheumatology will help you.

  • All in all there are over 20 different drugs that can be used, so don't worry too much. Many people do well on different ones, or different combinations.

  • Don't worry or fret. I had to stop methotrexate due to lung damage. Many other meds for Rheumy to choose from. Next one may be even better as treatment and give less side effects.

  • I agree with what has already been said. Also, it depends on how high the blood test results are. Sometimes they let you restart mtx after a few weeks if the follow up blood test results are ok. I have had several stop-restart phases over the time I have been on mtx but I am still on it as it works for me.

  • There are lots of other medications that can be used instead of MTX. Don't panic.

  • Hi I haven't start Mtx. Not I'm staring next week on the pills.. the side effects sounds scary, but I just like to know if is worth it? If it really helps.

    Thanks so much!

  • hi Jenny. There are different opinions about Mtx and for some people side effects can be really bothersome. Nausea is probably the worst I've had and changes to blood results that meant stopping it for a time, and then restarting on the injectable form of the drug that has suited me better. The way I look at it is that my Rheumatologists are of the opinion that the benefits outweigh the side effects (unless severe). Monthly blood monitoring ensures that changes are picked up quickly. There's also an Mtx question sheet that has to be completed monthly that looks out for adverse reactions. So I feel well looked after on this drug and trust my docs to watch out for me. I'm on Biologic Ritiximab infusions, and it is considered that Mtx works well alongside these drugs. So yes I think it is a necessary drug to be on. Sorry for the long answer! .

  • Oh no worries , I do like long explanations I really want to understand what I'm getting in to I had try many different Biologics and had allergic reaction to it and also pills, like ARAVA sulfa, etc. now I'm doing this power detox to get the ARAVA out of my system and start Mtx. By next week I hope that this works for me and I'm worrie about hair lost sins I already lost a good amount with the previews meds... thanks so much for you help!! 🙏🏻

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