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Kidney problems worsening

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Good morning everyone, it's a beautiful sunny morning here in Scotland. Not feeling so sunny myself as GP phoned yesterday as my blood results showing deterioration in my kidneys again. Had RA for over 10 years, OA for many more. Have atrial fibrillation and last year developed femoral nerve pain, MRI showed multiple disc protrusions throughout my spine one of which causing the nerve pain. I have been on pregabalin since then with really good results. Apart from thinking my Entracept is no longer working as feet and hands constantly sore, I've been pretty happy. Now to stop my very low dose diuretic, reduce pregabalin and probable referral to a renal specialist. Oh and I'm anaemic again despite eating really well as I'm dieting, Slimming World, nearly 2 stone off, lots to go. Talked about getting cocky and getting kicked down. Mind you whilst on the phone to the GP my beautiful grandson of 22 months walked in, lovely T shirt and shorts sporting a natty pair of green wellies. Wish I could have taken a picture, so cute, at least I had a smile in the midst of bad news.

6 Replies
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Hello Cagsie . I am truly sorry to hear you got disappointing news today. I am sure the renal specialist will have an action plan to help you. Please do keep faith. Congratulations on your weight loss! You're doing so well. I am sure your little grandson is sheer delight. 🎵

Take good care and good luck with your appointments.

Cas xx 🌺

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It is a lovely day here in Edinburgh can't believe it. I'm sorry you had bad news. Remember though that weight loss will help whatever. I can recommend portion control as a good method which is sustainable. And no sugary fizzy drinks.

Strawberries and asparagus and cucumber are natural diuretics- worth considering.

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smithfield in reply to cathie

Send some Sun down here Cathie. Kent seems to have hit a second ice age. Low cloud rain chilly wind. So it is woolly jumpers, boots and heating back on.😠😠

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cathie in reply to smithfield

I hope the weather improves - as long as you dont get the floods they've had in Germany and France. Keep warm though.

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Hi sorry to hear about your kidney problems I stay in oban and lovely has been for the last 3 weeks long may it continue , I have 1 granddaughter and another 2 grandkids on the way in the next 2 months so gram pas taxi is going t be busy but it's something to take my mind off this horrible disease

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Hi. So sorry you are having such problems. I believe your specialist will sort out the problem. You are doing really well with your weight loss. Keep up the good work. Grandchildren are the most precious gift. I know that whenever I am feeling down I just have to look at photos of my granddaughter and I feel better and when she comes round I am a changed person. Looking forward to visiting your beautiful country in a few weeks. A bit worried about the weather though. It can't last for another month - can it? All the best x

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