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Rollercoaster Ride

Hi There,

A few days ago I posted on here for the first time and received loads of kind messages and support. It helped lift my mood and the next few days were much more positive. Unfortunately yesterday I had a fall my leg just gave out underneath me. I went over on my ankle and fell heavily hitting most of my left side, ended up in A & E, I thought I had broken my ankle as heard/felt it crunch, but luckily it appears to be just soft tissue damage. I was already experienced a flare up and now feel even more like I have been run over by a bus and cannot weight bear on my left leg.

Really fed up now...and cannot find the 'positive' at all.

Need to find some motivation as job, financial situation is getting serious and I could easily just give up.

How do you keep positive and motivate when times are tough.

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.



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I can remember feeling really tearful and upset when I broke my leg. A friend rang me and said "You've only broken ONE leg, you have to get on with it!" Mind you - he was a professional motor cycle racer!!! And he was very good when I was recovering, helping me to get back my confidence walking down steep slopes and encouraging me to exercise even when it hurt. From my well of self-pity, I was able to laugh and put it into perspective. I look for the positives: there is ALWAYS someone worse off than me, I live in a country where medical attention, although definitely not perfect, is readily available and I have good living conditions. But seriously - it's tough coping!


I really try to be positive too and it helps. I've had burning pains in my feet since February and found this site then. Right foot and ankle then went quite numb and very stiff, back to intense burning pain now, with stiffness, which I think is better. My colleague has just told me I'm walking better so reasons to be cheerful! I'm still driving myself to work and walking my dog, it doesn't hurt any more when I walk and he's 14 so it's slow and steady. Not doing much else but I know I'm a lot better off then others on here. My positivity is being tested but I'm determined to keep looking on the bright side. I hope you are having a good day


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The shock of a fall on it's own is bound to knock you. It's hard to stay positive but it does help. My blessing today is that it doesn't hurt any worse when I walk so I can still take my dog out. He's 14 with Arthritis so it's slow and steady, he's waiting for me some days at the moment as I struggle with my stiff, sore and numb feet and right ankle. How it can be painful and a bit numb I'm not sure, but it is! From being on this site I know there are people struggling and suffering worse than I am. Try to find things to smile about or a comedy to laugh at if you can. It really does help lift the spirits. Give yourself time, you are probably a bit in shock after the fall. Thinking of you and wishing you well



Ok Alex Soft tissue damage on top of a flare with the added bonus of not being able to weight bear. I assume you have crutches.I am frustrated for you and understand it is difficult to stay upbeat and positive . But you have coped with RD and got on with life the injury is just a short term setback not for ever.

You say you are lacking motivation ,totally understandable, but could you turn this injury on its head and use the time positively ( foot up on cushion, cup of tea nearby) to look at what things you can change to make you feel more positive and in control. Ok I accept there are some things we have no control over the RD gene for one. But there a lot of things we can, if only in a small way.

Take Care.



Hello Alex. I am so sorry to hear you're having a bad time of things. All I can say is hang on in there chucks!! 3 months ago we were in a dark place. Hubby was bed ridden virtually. Finances dire. I'm about to lose my job too. You will turn a corner honestly. Don't give up. We are all there for you on this site. In the meantime go on the NRAS website. I ordered the booklet on Benefits. Never thought we would have to but there you go. Take care and do keep your chin up 😊 things will get better 😊 Sue x


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