Think you should all move to Bucks for Rheumy

No then it would mess up my great Rheumy twice in the last 2 months I have phoned the R/nurse up and she has made me appt within a few days no moans it is just done not even handed to registrar I see the man he even puts my socks on for me.When reading the blogs about how some of you are getting on with hospitals and appointments I cannot believe the troubles you all have now I have more trouble getting in to see my GP and after this mornings visit I know he will be writing to them about refusing to give me panadol and codine in 1 tab they insist that I have to have those tiny little pills that I cannot pickup and send flying all over the place the grandsons job is to find them for me so he feeds me my tabs and when he is in need of medication he takes it no trouble for me


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  • Great news what good service, you will hopefully now get co-codamol prescribed for you zxx

  • You lucky thing Lizz, well not lucky that you need a rheumatologist but fortunate enough to not have to fight to see one. And he puts your socks on, what a gentleman,. I hate socks.

  • I was 4weeks post op and had to wear compression socks for 6 weeks have got so used to wearing them now wear socks all the time now found some super soft long socks made from bamboo they are so comfy asked my daughter to get me more for xmas

  • i am supposed to wear compression socks but can't get them on fingers etc. am going to look into the bamboo ones

  • the bamboo ones are not compression if you need compression ones look here

  • It's great news to hear that there is some nice rheumy's out there, And they like feet :) x

  • Am so glad you have a good rheumatologist!

    Re: the codeine - you could ask to have the codeine as the liquid instead of tiny pills. Thats how I take it. It can be a heavy bottle though (500 ml), and when I have asked them to put it into smaller bottles you have to make sure they give you ones that don't have the really difficult safety caps on that are impossible to remove. Also make sure you have those little medicine cups to measure it out rather than trying to pour it onto a spoon.

    But, having said that, I asked my doctor if I could have some of the cocodomol soluble tablets as they were easiest for me to manage when I was away from the house, and she was fine with prescribing those.

  • With most things its mainly the bad things that get told I like to change that every so often and since my first appt in the summer i have seen him about 8 times I have called him lots on names this morning he injected my trigger finger and I swore as he had to get it staight first he just laughed but as a friend of mine would say I almost peed myself it hurt so much but it was worth it as my fingers are almost straight and not so painfull


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