Thinking of starting Entracept? - Any experiences?

I've had RA for going on 20 years and I'm only 39 now. I have been on salazopyrin, Methotrexate and steroids for years but am currently considering starting Entracept. I delayed going on TNF's for that last 6 years so could have a family but now no more children are planned, its time to sort me out for a change!

Has any one had any experience of Entracept?

I was meant to start it before now but needed some dental work doing (cap fell out!) so had to delay. Is it normal to have to come off it everytime you need dental work or when you are ill due to it lowering your immune system.

Be great to hear others experiences. Many thanks x

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  • Changed my life. Started in 2003 9 months after my last child and made such a difference to me. It worked for me for around 7 years which is similar to the length of time gold (myocrisin) had worked previously. Side effects and how much it lowers the immune system varies from person to person. For me I had more sinus issues after a cold. Due to the way the medicine is formulated to enable pre-filled syringes or pens to be used I believe more people are experiencing injection site reactions than when I was using it. As with the DMARDs the first one your try may not be the one for you and can take up to 12 weeks to be effective. Farm

  • Yes I was worried about injection site reactions as my Mum also has RA and she had really bad reactions to 2 other TNF's, just hope I'm not like her. How was it previously administered? What are you on now?

  • When I first started the powder was in a vial and you had to mix it with the solution before drawing into syringe. Since finishing in 2011 I have had Humira (9 months), Rituximab (1 cycle) and Tociluzimab (4 months) but they did not give good results. I have now been on Abatacept for the last 2 and a half years which has worked well but took 9 months and the addition of 200mg hydroxychloroquine to really kick in but I was running out of options. My issues started when I was around 19 years old and am now 50 later this year with a knee replacement last year. I do worry whether the children will suffer. Farm

  • I started taking it November 2012, was in remission at my first 12 week follow up appointment and I am pleased to say that I still am. No pain relief needed. I've had no side effects at all, not even a site reaction. I call it my Magic Potion! Hope you have the same result. xx

  • I have been on Etanercept for 8 years and it has me back on my feet. I am just back from a holiday in North Wales with the ramblers walking six miles every day [we are the pensioner group]. I don't stop it for dental work, not even when I have had an extraction. I do not stop it if I have any infection either except one that requires antibiotics.....however it is worth asking your RA nurse if you are worried.

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