Ever changing blood picture

Ever changing blood picture

I've had many years of blood checks that never seem the same ever. Last year very anaemic, low neutrophils, kidney function poor. All seemed sorted except the anemia then back again. Eventually anaemia sorted, kidney function good, best for years. Got a call from the GP today, anaemic again, kidney function not good but whey hey neutrophils are normal. Does anyone else get this crazy picture, bloods to be rechecked on the 27th so we will see. Hope you all out there have a pain free day x

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  • My bloods were all over the place until I finally got checked for, and diagnosed with coeliac disease - in hindsight the reason my bloods were all over the place was partly active autoimmune disease (that I didn't know about) and partly the malabsorption problems caused by undiagnosed and untreated coeliac (in particular the anaemia)

  • My hands and feet are particularly bad just now so that definitely could be a problem. RA is bad enough without all the other problems it causes. Thanks for replying, I don't want to moan to my family all the time so being able to put on this forum helps x

  • Hello Cagsie . That is a beautiful little girl by the way. 🌼😃 I was once really low on my white blood cell count but over time and massive cutting down on stress it came up. Other that that apart from my CRP count everything is pretty much the same. Has your dove suggested investigating further? I'm sure it's a huge worry.

    I know what you mean about telling family. I try not to complain because it just worries them. So having a place like this site is wonderful.

    I hope things become clearer for you soon. Please keep us posted.

    Take good care.

    Cas xx 🌻🌸

  • Dove= doctor. Didn't mean to suggest your consultant was a bird. 😑 Auto correct can be such a pain. 😠

  • That is my granddaughter Caitlin, I love that picture of her. Been investigated from top to toe, bloods keep changing x

  • She's absolutely adorable. 😃💜

    Maybe then just relax Cagsie . It could be stress. If you're an overthinker like me, then sometimes we really stress ourselves out. The doctors found no explanation for my low white blood cell count so I decided to stop worrying about something I couldn't change. I must say lowering stress helped plenty.

    Cas xx

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