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Hi all so I went to see the consultant she seemed very knowledgeable. I definitely have RA (despite all my efforts to convince myself otherwise) so we have started on steroids that I will take for three months. In a week, after they have had my chest x rays and blood test back. I will start methotrexate with folic acid. A month after that I will also start taking sulfasalzine aswell. Weekly blood tests for 2 months then 2 weekly then 4 weekly for life. I started the steroids and the next day managed to dress my self without help. I have a long way to go. But feel happier a plan is in place. I have a long way to go but it's a start.

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  • I'm sorry that the diagnosis has been confirmed, but at least you can go ahead with the next step of finding out which treatment will be best for your. Don't get too disheartened if it's not the first one you try!

    And keep as healthy as you can in other respects with a healthy life style of exercise and good food, not too much stress (we all need some stimulation!) and good management from your rheumy team - keep them on their toes!

  • Hi. Sounds very similar to the drugs regime I was put on at diagnosis this time last year and must say it has generally worked very well for me. Came off the prednisolene in oct with no problems. But as others will tell you, there are many drugs they can try if others don't suit you. Do hope you continue to feel better.

  • Thank you. Did you get any side effects from the drugs do they make you feel sick or anything like that??

  • The only time I suffered side effects was when my (oral)methotrexate was increased from 17.5 to 20mg - nausea and fatigue. This was then reduced back down to 17.5 and folic acid increased to 6 days a week and the side effects went. Everyone reacts differently of course which is why it is important to keep your rheumatology consultant and nurse in the picture.

  • Brilliant thank you. I will

  • Hi Nattynoo - Please forgive me for smiling a little at the "denial" comment, but I think a lot of us have done that too. I did for four years, which is way too long (don't try this at home =) - ha ha). It's good though that you have now started your treatment... Here's to pain free days and nights

  • Haha yes I tried. 4 years. Goodness you must have been in agony. I hope your are in your way to recovery "as such" now 😀

  • Actually it wasn't too bad - I was using herbs to counteract a lot of the effects, but everything collapsed in on me at once, so that took care of ignoring it =)

    I am actually close to remission for the RA, and struggling now with getting the Sjogrens under control =)

  • How do you know when you're close to remission is it all about your blood work??

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