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Care king interview

Hi all, 

Did any of you lovely people watch or read the recent interviews with the Emerdale actress Care King? She talks about how she has really benefited from using magnets to manage her RA.The interview is in the Sun newspaper and was on This Morning (I think).  Anyone had any experience of using magnets? Were they effective? I tend to be sceptical about such claims. Thanks 

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She was on Lorraine last week.   In my opinion she did not help the cause and was a little bit 'use these and you will be OK' - it was Lorraine who made an aside that everybody suffers differently.  I have not seen the sun article yet thought.   I don't deny that she suffers but there is no way I could even contemplate doing strictly dancing which she did a few years ago as for me just part of a dance would finish me without any of the daily training.   With this disease there is no one size fit all (be it diet, exercise, magnets or drugs) so it may work for some people.  Farm


Hi Farm,

I was told about the TV appearance by someone who said to me " you must get some magnets, she has them and is cured"!!!!! Which is the danger of people coming out with miracle cures. People who have little understanding of these diseases reach the conclusion that it can be cured by something as simple as wearing magnets. I managed to censor my reply 😀


That's exactly what I thought would happen after seeing the interview.  Farm


I am wearing my partner's bioflow magnet at the moment as I had a mini flare in my wrist at the end of March ... I have my own watch style magnet which has 1 magnet in it but the bracelet has two. We bought them years ago when my partner shattered her ankle and was told she'd always wak with a limp if not a stick... Not the case and cycles loads as well. Is it a cure all No! Does it help Yes in my opinion but then I do things like HBOT, walk barefoot in my garden, listen to the data lama, and such like to keep my stress levels and thus inflammation down... Who knows - not me!

If the bracelet leaves green/bluish stains it's a copper one mine is silver so no stains.

All the best



My S-I-L has OA and she wears magnets, she finds they help.


Ali, I'd be willing to give it a try but as you say is not a cure all. But it can be misinform people about the disease when a celebrity endorses a product. 


I bought a besutiful magnetic bracelet , I love it as its very pretty . Does  it work nah! No chance lol but a pretty bracelet none the less but I have to keep credit cards and phones away from it! 

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I saw the Lorraine - Claire King interview but what I found more interesting than the magnetic jewellery was that she takes MSM so I did some rootling around & found this from ARUK

 "Methylsulfonylmethane is a sulphur (a chemical) found in fresh raw foods including fruits, vegetables and meat. The compound used to treat diseases, MSM, is a white crystalline substance that contains 34% sulphur. You can buy it from high-street shops", more here 

It does seem from trials it's considered more effective for OA but maybe Claire has, as many of us do, both OA & RD. Certainly from previous reports (one from 2006) she was at the time taking HCQ & meloxicam, plus occasional steroid injections & started taking MSM around 2002, so approx 14 years now. Apparently In 2005 she started MTX (though the report does say she takes it 3 times a week, I would think that's a reporting error) but being an old publication it's not clear if she still takes her prescribed RD meds. 

Seems the reason she was on Lorraine was to publicise ARUK's Be The Difference campaign taking place during April & May, has anyone heard about this, other than Claire's spot on Lorraine?


I have tried the bio magnetic bracelets hand one for years cost me £60 made no difference so must need a very large magnet 



June, maybe as big as an MRI scan magnet? 


I've tried several magnetic bracelets over the years and none have worked for me. Saw Clare King on The Wright Stuff once a couple of years back now. Going on about her pain etc then plugging a show she'd done about pole dancing in which she'd had a go. Maybe she was wearing magnets then and they stuck her to the pole.


Lol Shelley ! 


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