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Hi all

I've had a helpline call today from a lady whose sister has severe RA. She has fractured both her elbows, and they would normally have operated to put metal rods in, but can't because she has osteoporosis, so her bones are too weak.

As a result, she has been discharged to a care home, which is mainly populated by much older people (she is 56). They cannot say how long she will be there, but it sounds like recovery is expected to take a long time and worst case scenario will be if she doesn't gain enough function to be independent and this becomes a permanent situation.

As you might imagine, this lady is very worried for her sister and is concerned that this might not be the best place for her at the moment and she wondered if there was anything available for someone in this sort of situation, to be with other people of a similar age (in the Bromley area). Unfortunately going privately isn't an option. She will contact the local council and local CAB to see if they have any info on what's available in the area and whether any financial support might be possible.

Posting on here is a bit of a long-shot, as this is not a typical situation for someone with RA, especially at this age. However, I said I would put this on here as a way to connect with a large group of people to ask if anyone has been in or known someone in a similar situation or if you just have any thoughts on anything that might help this lady.

I would appreciate any suggestions you can think of.

Many thanks for reading this post


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Don't know of any specific care homes in that area, but suggest she talks to local ortho /trauma wards or hospital social work team as they often place younger people in need of nursing and rehab. The other option is to look at sheltered housing with on call support and a regular rota of extra visits, takes a while to set up but if rehab could take months or if the situation was to become permanent it would be worth the time.


I'm a social worker in a team for older people and younger people with physical disabilities. We would be very loathe to place someone as young as 56 in a care home. I can only assume that this was the only bed available. The hospitals are so quick to discharge people, that sometimes social services have no choice but to place someone in the 'less than perfect' placement.

However, if she makes a request now, they can start approaching other places. There are lots of rehabilitation units/homes for younger adults, starting from the age of 18. I know of a few homes that are solely for people with physical disabilities and they have floors for each age group.

Does she have a social worker or occupational therapist?


Hi, I just spotted this question on my email and wondered if the lady had contacted any private nursing homes.

My grandmother was only on benefits when she needed to go into a nursing home but the local council run one was very basic with old people sat in two long rows facing each other all day and the TV at the end ! I didn't like it at all and decided to look for alternatives but also couldn't afford the fees to go privately.

It was then that I discovered that ALL nursing homes must have a few places for NHS patients regardless of how exclusive they are and I found the best one in Henley On Thames right next to the river within its own beautiful grounds and she passed away after a couple very pleasant years in the best house in town and treated like a princess ! The food and the staff were exceptional as were the recreations and outings so my tip would be to ask the best ones you can find who may well be able to accommodate her especially as it most likely to be a shorter spell she will require the care for.

Hope that this information may be of some use as people don't seem to know about these things generally. Lol.

Good luck and take care !



Other than a more suitable care home, it is possible to put a full range of help into someone's own house. But it is difficult and expensive, of course, with adaptations needing to be made to make the individual as independant as possible. But is is possible.


Hi, I know we are not in your area but i beleive she can be placed in a private care

home. My brother had five strokes at forty two, he was first admitted to a care

home with elderly people for eighteen months.

I managed to have him moved to one where most people were under sixty.

He has been there for five years now they do get taken out and have lots going on.

He was on benefits but they have help with the payments from social services and mental health care.

I hope this helps Ann


Hi,It might be worth a try to look for an Abbeyfield sheltered housing in your area, they have small units of people from the age of 55 onwards.

They don't provide care but social services would allocate one for the lady,she would also get housing benefit. Hope this helps and she gets sorted. Rose


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