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Well i have finally got the letter telling me how i received my pip it changes from DLA to PIP in May so do not know what the first letter was about probably me getting confused.I will be contacted 2026 so 10 years so i have looked at the last letter it was from from DLA so my fault i received both at Enhanced rate so i had to read it a few times to make sure i had seen it properly so very pleased had my face to face in January so it took a long time hope other people get good news

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Well I'm even more confused now beekey, don't know what that other letter was but I wouldn't challenge it as you now have confirmation of a better award for daily care than you thought so that's great. Pleased for you that it's stands for 10 years, whilst not what you understood it to be at least you can rest assured that all being well you've no need to be reviewed for a good while. x


Hi Nmh my award says that is the longest they can give maybe someone else can tell me if that is right it says everyone has to be reviewed.


I've always said that everyone needs to be reviewed in time...I do not believe there are any more lifetime/indefinite awards...I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong though! I wouldn't worry too much though a 10 year award is very good...the norm seems to range between 2-4 years for PIP first awards...I had two years the first time and 3.5 years the second even though my hand and wrist will never be the same again or have full use back....I'm happy with that though even though reassessment is stressful, I am just really grateful for the extra help.  It does appear to be totally random awarding though!  Best wishes to you.


Wonderful news Beeckey, got my 'brown envelope' in March to say what my DLA rate was, no change. So whether I'll get another 'brown envelope' soon I don't know :( lol


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